Gemencheh Bridge



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Arrived 1630hrs 13/1/1942
Departed ? 15/1/1942

The ambush at the bridge over the Gemencheh River, occurred just after 4 pm on 14 January, 1942, and was carried out by "B" Company of the 2/30th. The rest of the  Battalion were located 4 miles to the rear of this position, near the 61 mile peg, forward of Gemas, on the Gemas-Tampin road.

On the day of the ambush, and in the hours immediately following, the 2/30 Battalion suffered 1 killed and 10 wounded. Battalion members who were present at the ambush estimate that approximately 600 Japanese were killed.

The action at Gemencheh Bridge was the first time that a Company of an Australian Infantry Battalion fought the Japanese, however, several smaller Australian Units were in action prior to this date. They were a commando Unit called Rose Force which carried out raids against the Japanese in late December, 1941, and 2/3 Reserve Motor Transport Company which supported a British Unit in northern Malaya.


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