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War declared 8/12/1941; Allied surrender 15/2/1942 > more...

  • Japan entered the War on 8th December 1941, when their forces landed at Singora and Patani in Thailand, and Kota Bahru in northern Malaya. On their relentless move south, they fought many fierce battles against British and Indian troops.

  • Shortly before 4 o'clock on the afternoon of 14 January, 1942, "B" Company, of the 2/30 Battalion, ambushed the Japanese at Gemencheh Bridge, This was the first occasion that the Japanese had encountered an Australian Infantry Battalion. The main force of the 2/30th made contact with the enemy the next day, at a road block outside Gemas.

Follow the progress of the 2/30th during the campaign > more...

  • The 2/30th were involved in many more battles against the Japanese during the campaign, until the Allied surrender in Singapore on 15th February, 1942.

  • A number of Battalion members returned to Australia prior to the surrender, due to injury and illness. The remaining members of the 2/30th then became prisoners of the Japanese.

Recommendations for Decorations > more...

  • During the campaign, a number of "Recommendations for Decorations" were made by the Commanding Officer of the 2/30 Battalion, "Black Jack" GALLEGHAN.


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