NX70453 - TAYLOR, John Lindsay, Capt.



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NX70453 - TAYLOR, John Lindsay, Capt.

Nominal Roll details

HQ AIF Malaya - Honours and Awards

HQ 27 Aust. Inf. Bde.
AIF Malaya


With further reference to this HQ 41/2/3 of 26 January, I desire to particularly recommend the award of Military Cross to Capt. Taylor and Capt. Duffy, both of whom did a remarkable job.

Capt. Taylor undoubtedly, by his example, assisted to maintain morale of the Battalion in action. Not only did every wounded brought to his RAP reach the Field Ambulance detachments but Taylor on several instances went out under fire from his RAP and brought in wounded. In the subsequent action of "A" Company, 2/30 Battalion in the vicinity of Sembrong Bridge the Company was brought under fire as it was about to withdraw. Several men were wounded on the bridge crossing Sungei Sembrong which was under fire from a machine gun and several riflemen. Taylor himself went forward and brought in, with the assistance of stretcher bearers, all wounded in the position, dressed their wounds and remained at the bridge until all the troops had cleared it and all the wounded were evacuated.

Signed D.S. Maxwell

Brigade Command
27 Aust. Inf. Bde.

Mention in dispatches:

Capt. P.D. Kearney
Capt. W.S. Melville
Lieut. L.H. Booth
Lieut. R.W. Eaton
Lieut. F.A. Jones
Lieut. H.S. Clayton

Gazetted Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, No. 53 of 21/3/1946

(Source: From the collection of the National Archives of Australia. NAA: AWM119 A40 - Immediate Awards to Lt-Col F G Galleghan and others (Malaya - 1942) [Capt D J Duffy; Capt J L Taylor; Maj T G Vincent; Lt J A Varley; Sigmn G J W Bingham; Sgt W G Hunt; Pte A A Williams; Pte M W V Curnow; Sigmn M A Benoit])


This officer is RMO of a Unit and the courageous manner in which he moved about the battlefield under all conditions of fire, both day and night, and the coolness with which he performed his duties excited the admiration of all ranks. He has by his courage and devotion to duty inspired all ranks with confidence and by his complete disregard for his personal safety deserves recognition.

Authority GO, LG, CAG 35477/42

(Source: From the collection of the National Archives of Australia. NAA: B883 - NX70453)


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