NX34792 - DUFFY, Desmond Jack, Col.



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NX34792 - DUFFY, Desmond Jack, Col.

Military Cross (MC)

"This officer was detailed to the difficult duty of covering the bridge at 633303 and conducting the ambush operations. As a result of his leadership it is estimated that five hundred Japanese were killed. The surviving Japanese counter attacked and some severe hand to hand fighting was indulged in. Throughout this phase Capt. Duffy by personal example and courage directed the further killing of many of the enemy. He then reorganised his Company and endeavoured to lead them back to our position and it was then dark. The enemy were again contacted and casualties inflicted. As a result of this action the Company became separated into two groups. Capt. Duffy led his group back to the new position East of Gemas after thirty nine hours in jungle and in the enemy occupied area."

(Source: From the collection of the National Archives of Australia. NAA: B2458, 237501)

Copy of Citation

Bar to Military Cross (MC)

"On 22 Jan 42 at SIMPANG RENGAM the enemy attacked my right rear Company in strength and it became necessary to use my reserve Company ("B" Company ) under Capt D.J. Duffy. When this Company reached the area the enemy was attacking the position was found to be very serious and Capt. Duffy decided to re-organise the Company already in position and to attack with his own Company.

He led his Company  on a bayonet charge which caused the enemy to retire. During their retirement the enemy used what was thought to be gas but ultimately was found to be a type of smoke. This action on the enemy's part saved them from complete elimination. Capt. Duffy's personal leadership of the bayonet charge of his Company showed courage, bravery and fearless leadership, which I consider worthy of reward.

This officer has already been awarded the Military Cross for his actions North of GEMAS on 15 Jan 42 and I now recommend that he be awarded a bar to his Military Cross."

(Source: 2/30 Bn. Archives - originally transcribed from the Diary of Brigadier D.S. Maxwell by The Army Museum Sydney Foundation in 1998.)


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