H Force - to Siam (Thailand) 7/5/1943

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ADAMS, Robert John - NX37703, Pte. C

BEHAN, Oliver John - NX54271, Pte. B 12

CALLAGHAN, Laurence Vernon - NX7076, Pte. C

CALVERT, Carlyle Leo - NX72474, Pte. A 9

CAMPBELL, Alexander - NX47890, Pte. D

CAREY, Athol Bligh Wilpent - NX57062, Pte. A 8

CHALMERS, James Leslie - NX33364, Pte. B 10

COLLINS, Lionel Keith - NX37365, Pte. A

CONN, Edward John - NX72575, Pte. HQ Signals

DALE, Douglas Kenneth - NX20529, Pte. B Coy. HQ

DEATH, William Frederick - NX33051, A/Cpl. B 12

DINNEN, James Peter - NX26895, Pte. B 10

EMBLIN, Charles John - NX49996, Pte. B 12

FLEW, Mark Waterford - NX73973, Pte. C 15

FRASER, Hugh - NX42333, Pte. A 9

GREEN, John Allan - NX41362, Pte. A 7

HARDIMON, John Thomas - NX34462, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

HOLD, George Henry - NX78992 (NX27497, NX689), Pte. C

HOLDEN, Henry John - NX37424, A/Sgt. B 12

HUDSON, Allan Edwin Stirling - NX27762, Lieut. C

JOHNSTON, Bruce Hutton - NX66652, A/WO2 A 7; CSM

KING, Graham Yabsley - NX30289, L/Cpl. D 16

LA VALLE (HUMPHRIES), Jean (Stanley Christopher) - NX78302, Pte. C

LEDWELL, Norman - NX10717, Pte. A 7

LEWIS, Stanley - NX69121, Pte. BHQ D&P

LOWE, Charles William - NX72670, Pte. A Coy. HQ

MASON, Allan John - NX10243, Pte. D 18

McGEE, Jack William - NX37444, Pte. A 8

McMILLAN, George Elliott - QX22794, Pte. BHQ D&P

MONCRIEFF, William Henry - NX36759, Pte. HQ Signals

ROBINSON, Joseph - NX57808, Pte. BHQ Cook

ROCKETT, Thomas - NX47004, Cpl. C 15

RUSSELL, Harold Edward - NX29656, Cpl. B 12

SCHUMACHER, Eric - QX19536, Pte. HQ Signals

SIMMONS, Raphael Emanuel Truscott - NX51616, Lieut. BHQ O/C D&P

SMITH, Adam Oliver - NX26979, Pte. HQ Tpt.

SMITHSON, Leslie James - NX69592, Pte. B 12

SNOW, Alexander William - NX73067, Lieut. HQ Signals

STEELE, Thomas Hamilton - QX15297, Pte. HQ 3, Mortar

WARD, Kevin James - NX47865, Pte. A 8

WATTERSON, Rowland Hubert - NX67631, A/Sgt. BHQ Band

WILLIAMS, George Frederick - NX78041 (NX12032), Pte. A 8

WILSON, Douglas Anthony - NX60208, Pte. C 15

WINCHESTER, Selwyn George - NX32728, Lieut. C

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