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ANDERSON, Leslie George - NX29734, Pte. A

BARNES, Edward Raymond - NX37530, Pte. A

COLLINS, Lionel Keith - NX37365, Pte. A

DALY, William Herbert - NX49041, Pte. A

DAWSON (Molde), Leigh Kevin (Kenneth Clifton) - NX78229, Pte. A

DENLEY, Harry - NX60672, Pte. A

HART, John Mervyn - NX2701, Pte. A

LAMPING, William John - NX54051, Pte. A

MARSHALL, Arthur - NX37377, Pte. A

MEILLON, John Alwyn - NX33560, Lieut. A

MOORE, Norman James - NX50021, Pte. A

MURPHY, Victor Roy - NX37518, Pte. A

PEGRUM, Reginald Oliver - NX33393, Pte. A

RANDLE, Edward Raymond - NX36535, Pte. A

REILLY, Ronald - NX32603, Pte. A

RIXIN (Rolfe), Brian (James Matthew) - NX37594, Pte. A

RYAN, Raymond Thomas - NX26957, Pte. A

SARGINSON, Frank Gerald - NX42308, Pte. A

SCOTT, Walter John - NX26196, Pte. A

STARLING, William John - NX73105, Pte. A

STUART, Reginald - NX39843, Pte. A

TAIG, Edward Robert - QX19545, Pte. A

VERRENT, George Thomas - NX37491, Pte. A

WYNN, Lewis Richard - NX4404, Pte. A

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