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O'CONNELL, James (James Patrick) - NX31047, Pte. A 9

O'CONNOR, Oscar - NX57303, Pte.

O'DONNELL, Colin Squire - NX55473, Sgt. C 15

O'HANLON, Maurice Walter - QX23609, Pte. B 10

O'HARA, Lloyd William - NX60597, Pte.

O'HARA, Oliver John - NX60593, Pte.

O'LOUGHLAN, Geoffrey John - NX2555, Pte. HQ Tpt.

O'MALLEY, John Michael - NX60586, Pte. A 9

O'REGAN, Patrick James - NX44265, Pte. BHQ D&P

O'REILLY, James Vincent - QX21931, Pte. A 7

O'ROURKE, Terence Percival - NX37705, Pte. C 14

O'SHEA, William Sylveter - NX27373, Pte.

ODGERS, Jack Carlyle - NX47632, Pte. HQ Tpt.

OLANDER, Harold Charles - NX45869, Pte.

OLDE, Harry James - NX55218, Pte.

OLDKNOW, Norman Dallas - NX47185, Pte. D 18

OLIVER, Allan Gordon - NX31599, Pte. Unknown

OLIVER, James Thomas - NX2561, Pte. HQ Tpt.

OLLEY, Alexander George - NX47845, Pte. D 18

OLLIS, John Newton - VX15674, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

OLLIS, Ronald Nesbitt - NX70446, Lieut. D O/C 17 Pl.

ORMISTON, Laurence Edward Wyvil - NX57201, Pte.

ORR, John Edward - NX68977, Pte. A 9

OSMOND, George Alwyn - NX47292, A/Cpl. C 14

OUTRAM, Sidney Murray - NX37369, Pte. A 8

OVERETT, Arthur George McKay - NX2501, Pte. BHQ Bn. Store

OWEN, Campbell Dunlop - NX57292, Pte. HQ 3, Mortar

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