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CAFE, Edwin William - NX31802, Pte.

CAHILL, Francis Joseph - VX39702, Capt.

CAHILL, Robert Edward - NX26414, Pte. HQ 2, A/A

CAHILL, Walter Herbert - QX17105, Pte. A 8

CALDWELL, Harold Atchison - NX57902, Pte.

CALLAGHAN, Laurence Vernon - NX7076, Pte. C

CALVERT, Carlyle Leo - NX72474, Pte. A 9

CAMBOURN, George - NX10781, Pte. HQ 3, Mortar

CAMERON, Alan Rentoul - NX41357, Lieut. C O/C 15 Pl.

CAMERON, Donald James - NX41397, Pte.

CAMERON, Hugh James John - NX71408, Pte. C 15

CAMERON, John Matthew Alexander - NX40765, Pte. Unknown

CAMPBELL, Alexander - NX47890, Pte. D

CAMPBELL, Alexander William - NX57333, Pte. BHQ Intell.

CAMPBELL, Bernard - NX47529, Pte.

CAMPBELL, Edward Stewart - NX36677, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

CAMPBELL, Ewen Frederick - NX35786, Pte. BHQ Cook B Company

CAMPBELL, George Henry - NX47753, Pte.

CAMPBELL, James - NX40764, Sgt.

CAMPBELL, Robert Bruce - NX47284, Pte. HQ Tpt.

CAMPBELL, Robert George Clark - NX47195, Pte.

CAMPBELL, Robert Gordon - NX50128, Pte. A 8

CANN, Basil Arthur - NX31694, Pte. B 12

CANT, Edward Charles - NX45261, Pte.

CAREW, Joseph James - NX34579, L/Cpl. BHQ Pay Clerk

CAREY, Athol Bligh Wilpent - NX57062, Pte. A 8

CAREY, John Peter - NX51660, Pte. D 18

CAREY, Luke Robert - NX10661, Pte. HQ 3, Mortar

CAREY, Phillip Francis - NX10272, Pte. HQ 3, Mortar

CARLEY, John Joseph - NX30470, Pte. D 17

CARNEY, James Edward - NX47355, Pte. D 18

CARR, Clarence George - NX47784, Pte.

CARROLL, Alfred James - NX46178, Pte. D 17

CARROLL, Arthur James - NX4700 (2/900257), Pte. A 7

CARROLL, John Leslie - NX71966, Pte. A 9

CARROLL, Michael - NX48306, Pte. D 17

CARTER, Bertrand - NX10591, Pte. B 11

CARTER, Douglas James - NX27526, Pte.

CARY, Keith Lewis - NX42207, Pte. B

CATHCART, Stewart - NX41314, Pte.

CAVANAUGH, Charles - NX47702, Pte. C

CHALMERS, James Leslie - NX33364, Pte. B 10

CHALMERS, Thomas Henry - NX7052, Pte. C 13

CHAMBERS, Douglas Raymond Norman - NX33271, Pte. B 11

CHANDLER, Frederick Joseph - NX32320, Pte. A 8

CHANEY, Robert Charles - NX30417, Pte. B 10

CHAPMAN, Keith Milford - NX33290, Pte. A 8

CHARD, Ronald - QX12282, Pte. D 17

CHARLESWORTH, Athol McNeil - NX36524, Pte. D 16

CHARLTON, Alan Edgar - NX54143, Pte. HQ Pioneer

CHARLTON, George - NX55325, Pte.

CHARLTON, Norman Francis - NX27827 (NX93355), Pte. Unknown

CHARLTON, Robert James Stewart - NX58840 (NX93356), Pte.

CHARLTON, Ronald Alan - NX26330 (NX5078), Pte. B 12

CHATFIELD, Reuben John - QX15686, Pte. A 9

CHEERS, Joseph Leo - NX47313, Pte.

CHILDERS, Peter Arthur Hughes - NX4469, Pte.

CHIPPS, Ronald Lawrence - NX24742, Pte. C 15

CHOAT, George James - NX47528, Pte. D 17

CHRISTENSEN, Edwin Athol - NX46848, Pte. HQ 2, A/A

CHRISTENSEN, Harold George - NX46197, Pte. D 16

CHRISTOFF, George Joseph - NX54034, Sgt. HQ 4, Carrier

CHURCH, Alexander Edwin - NX37700, Pte. D

CLARK, Joseph William - NX32874, Sgt. BHQ Pay Office

CLARK, Robert William - NX26399, Spr.

CLARKE, Bernard - NX52665, Lieut. HQ O/C HQ Pl.

CLARKE, David Tracey - NX33582, Pte. C 13

CLARKE, George Robert - NX70442, Lieut. A O/C 8 Pl.

CLARKE, Keith William - NX32107, Pte.

CLARRIS, Arthur Robert George - QX20007 (QX4625, QX481), Pte.

CLAVAN, Aubrey Alan - NX39551, Pte. HQ Tpt.

CLAVAN, Leonard James - NX2575, Pte. HQ Tpt.

CLAYTON, Hedley Stanley - NX70690, Lieut. C O/C 15 Pl.

CLEGHORN, Harold - QX24513, Pte.

CLEMENS, Percival Webster - NX32588, Lieut. C O/C 13 Pl.

CLERKE, Frederick John - NX27293 (RAAF 411483), Pte. Unknown

CLIFFORD, Jeremiah - QX18261, Pte. C

CLOHERTY, Patrick Henry - NX31651, Pte. B 11

CLUNE, John Joseph - NX69647, Pte. A 8

CLYNE, Edward Francis - NX53537, S/Sgt. C CQMS

CLYNE, Patrick James - NX34442, Pte. A 8

COBURN, Frank - NX2730 (NX17201), Pte.

COCHRANE, John Reuben - NX26712, Pte. B 11

COCKING, Cecil Henry - NX29691 (N219537), Pte.

CODY, Horace Noel - NX32426, Pte. A 8

CODY, Ronald Andrew - NX2165, Pte. A 8

COGGINS, Charles William - QX18697, Pte. B 12

COHEN, Lewis Sidney - NX58161, Pte. BHQ Bn. Store

COLE, Charles - NX2716, Pte.

COLE, John Stanley - NX60682, Cpl.

COLLETT, Arthur John - NX26777, Pte. B 10

COLLETT, Frederick George - NX27464, Pte. B 10

COLLINS, Archie Lyle - NX47263, Pte.

COLLINS, Henry Edward - NX27118, Cpl. A 7

COLLINS, Hylton - NX67015, Pte. B 12

COLLINS, John Cyril - NX67413, Pte. HQ Tpt.

COLLINS, John William - NX52204 (N465034), Pte.

COLLINS, Lionel Keith - NX37365, Pte. A

COLLISON, Arthur Thomas John - NX57348, L/Sgt. D CQMS

COLLYER, Fabian Rankin Charles - NX25454, Pte. HQ 2, A/A

COMMANS, John Poole - NX37593, Pte. C 15

CONDIE, Edward Patrick - NX37304, Pte. C 13

CONEN, Sidney Graham - NX55568, Pte. C 14

CONN, Edward John - NX72575, Pte. HQ Signals

CONNERY, Alexander - NX27572, Pte.

CONNOLLY, Raymond Patrick - NX45226, Pte.

CONNOR, Reginald Keith - NX46988, Pte. A 7

CONQUIT, George Daniel - NX36653, Pte. HQ Signals

CONSTABLE, Patrick Alphonous - NX46970, Sgt.

CONVERY, Henry Reginald - NX72830, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

COOK, Max - NX46561, Pte. HQ 3, Mortar

COOK, Robert George - NX33574 (N105252), Cpl.

COOK (THOMPSON), William James (Roy James) - NX18804 (NX39880), Pte.

COOKE, Colin Garland Huntly - NX45845, Pte.

COOKE, Lionel Leslie - NX49087, Pte. D

COOMBES, Frank James - NX2111, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

COOMBES, Thomas Joseph - NX37442, Pte. B 10

COOPER, Birdwood - NX37640, Pte.

COOPER, James Herbert - NX12530, Lieut. HQ 4, Carrier, 2 I/C

COOPER, Norman William - VX58304, Pte.

COOTE, George Bentley - NX47129, Pte. HQ Signals

COPLEY, Francis Peter - NX68235, Pte. BHQ Band

CORCORAN, Francis Leslie - NX60171, Pte. C

CORRIGAN, Joseph D'Alton - NX60565 (NX80897), Pte.

COTTER, Percy Augustine - NX2719, Pte. HQ Signals

COTTON, Keith Drummond - NX59694 (RAAF 411484), Gnr.

COUGHLIN, Gerald Michael - NX47199, Pte.

COULTAS, Stanley Thomas - NX37282, Pte. C 14

COUTTS, Charles Alexander - QX11948, Pte. D 17

COWEN, George - NX31754, Pte. B Coy. HQ

COX, Allan Ray - NX36510, Pte. C 15

COX, Jeremiah - NX36625, Pte. D

CRAIG, Archibald John - NX47445, Pte. C 13

CRAIG, Douglas Andrew Love - NX35512, Pte. BHQ D&P

CRAM, Jack Gordon - NX37607, Pte. BHQ

CRANE, John Louvaine France - NX59016, Pte. Unknown

CRANITCH, Matthew Joseph - QX22016, Pte. D 18

CRAVEN, Francis Joshua - NX55186, Pte. HQ Tpt.

CREER, John Alexander - NX43783, Pte.

CREER, Norman Oliver - NX43780, Pte.

CRICH, Eric - NX26173, Pte.

CRISPIN, Kenneth Ernest - NX27443, L/Cpl. BHQ Intell.

CROFT, George Alexander - NX33886, A/U/Sgt. A 9

CROSS, Arthur Henry William - NX27235, Cpl. HQ 4, Carrier

CROSS, Gordon William - NX55999 (2/9221), Pte. A 7

CROSSMAN, Alan Byron - NX41078, Pte. BHQ Band

CROUCH, Stanley Herbert - NX50165, Pte. A 8

CROWLEY, James Lancelot - NX52475, Pte. C

CROZIER, Ben Roy - QX22245, Pte. D

CRUICKSHANK, Gordon James - NX36645, Pte. HQ Signals

CRUMMY, Stanley Arthur Kevin - NX46067, Pte. HQ Tpt.

CULLEN (Everingham), Amos Ambrose (Henry Raymond) - NX73975, Pte.

CULLINANE, Thomas Joseph - QX18770, Pte. B

CUMBERLAND, William Arthur - NX4512, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

CUMMINGS, Alfred Edward - NX34488, L/Cpl. Unknown

CUNNINGHAM, Robert Archibald - NX33078, Pte. A 8

CURRAN, Maxwell William - NX37529, Pte. D 16

CUTCHER, Colin John Samuel - NX59884, Signalman

CUTLER, Harley John - NX2845, Pte.

CUTLER, Norman Leslie - NX43059, Pte. A 8

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