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Lancer Barracks and Museum, Parramatta, NSW

In 1976, Lady Galleghan donated Black Jack's blue work dress and red cap to the Royal New South Wales Lancers Museum, at Lancer Barracks, Parramatta.

The donation was reported in Makan No. 230 of Oct/Nov, 1976:

"George Gough reports, that he found out something about B.J. that he thinks, has not been mentioned in Makan before and that is the presentation by Lady Galleghan, to the Royal. N.S.W. Lancer Regiment, for display in their Memorial Museum, situated in Linden House within the unit's barracks at Parramatta, of B.J.s blue work dress and red cap". The exhibit is set up in a showcase with appropriate detail of its history on a card. George feels that this donation was a very fine gesture on Lady Galleghan's part, and says this is the oldest Regiment of the C.M.F. He believes that the Regt. is very proud of the exhibit."

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(Source: Makan 230, Oct/Nov, 1976; and Lancer Barracks and Museum web site)


Last updated 29/08/2022