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Extract from:

Makan No. 275
15th Sept. 1984

Patron: Lt. Col. Noel McG Johnston
President: Ron H. Maston
Vice President: Albert (Bert) I. Farr
Hon. Secretary: Bruce V. Ford
Hon. Treasurer: Alfred L. (“Curly”) Blomfield
Makan Editor: E. E. (“Jock”) McDougall

Written at "Tanbaya Camp in Burma: "After a large convoy was moved to Ban Pong in November (1943), Mjr. Price became C.O. of the Camp & Capt. Emery S.N.O. Six other 2/30 Bn. men remained as staff & eight as patients, including Rup. Hanna & Jack Pope from C Coy.

"Christmas Day at Tanbaya Hospital Camp, Burma: We bad Carol singing last night, also a midnight Service, in the Bush Chapel. In the afternoon I laid a Wreath at the Cross in the Cemetery for the 2/30 Bn. Don Garner & I made it,& about 30 Wreaths were laid by men from different Units, & they were well made.

"This morning we received an egg and 10 cigars each, a present, worth 60 cents, which is pretty decent when one thinks of 250 to be so supplied out of Camp funds. Meals today will be special stuff, just to get away from routine of rice & stew every day. For breakfast - I had a stew of rice, blood & eggs, "a la Garner". It was delicious, & so body building too! Don made it' himself. Then rice and porridge & a piece of liver, washed down with coffee which had condensed milk in it. First time for seven months, I have tasted it.

"We were transferred to Kanburi in Feb.1944-Don Garner, self & others and the only officers left at Tanbaya were, John Taylor, Geikie and Eaton……”
(Ed. note: Kath O'Donnell's letter less the above extract appears on page 54 of this issue. Thank you math for sharing the above with us, more anon, I hope? J.)

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