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Makan No. 172
December, 1966


Dear Dig,

The Re-union Dinner at the Metropole was a first-class night. One hundred attended a sit down dinner of No.1 Makan and there were plenty of refreshments. Six members who were unable to come along sent the price of the tickets.

The Metropole is a good pub with good service. The staff did not try to push us around as at our last dinner and, in fact, they seemed to enjoy the atmosphere themselves.

Ron Maston made a good presentation of the Toast of the Regiment. He had obviously prepared it well and this is how it should be. The Old Man was not in his usual good form. He has had his own C.O. - Mrs. Galleghan - ill for some time and working so closely as a team as they do, it has thrown him off balance.

The sensitivity of the troops no longer amazes me but it is worth noting that two different members at different times during the evening thrust a piece of paper into the Old Man's hand and each said: "Two telephone numbers, Sir, day or night, just ring and a car is at your disposal". Not bad, is it?

Anyway we know that the sympathy and prayers of members and their families will go out to the Old Man and his wife during this trying time.


CANCELLED. We really did think we'd get a better response than we did and so it was considered better to cancel the trip.


Let's see if we can get a really good roll-up this year to pay respects to our fallen comrades. Make an effort, it's not real hard anyway, to come along. If you have never been to a Cenotaph Ceremony, you will appreciate its worth.

Time of assembly - about 6.45 p.m. - on the G.P.O. steps opposite the Cenotaph. Time of wreath-laying - 7.00 p.m.

After the ceremony, Harry Collins will have a pub lined up or a club where we can sit down for half an hour or so. Ask your wives to come along, but children, if they come, will not be allowed into the club - it's against the rules.


Clarrie MILLER - Don Co.

Jock Logan, our Northern Correspondent, reported Clarrie's death earlier this month. WE are not sure of the cause of death, but will probably find that it was hastened by war disability. I can remember Clarrie so well; a strong physical specimen, hard as nails, but a good trooper. Clarrie floored me twice in a boxing competition at Bathurst years ago. That doesn't mean he was a good boxer - I was a poor one. He was a good sportsman through in every way and was well liked by his mates. Our sympathy and that of all members goes to his next-of-kin.


Another old link with the women who remained behind. Alf Lammacraft's mother died this month. She was one of the original members of the 2/30 Bn. Comforts Fund, and worked throughout the war years for the Fund. Mrs. Lamacraft was a great age but we take sympathetic note of another link broken.

Our sympathy to Alf.


I don't ever recall Jackie making one derogatory remark in his life. A "C" Company man, he was an excellent soldier and a strong comrade as a prisoner-of-war.

If ever the Battalion altered the way of life for a man, it did to Jack. He loved the Unit in all its aspects and never to my memory missed a function to which he was able to get along.

It was our privilege to have talked with Jack at the Re-union last month. He was his usual happy self, though not well. You will recall that he had been a T.P.I. for some years.

Jackie Pope was a fine man in every respect and his death is a loss to us all. Our sympathy to his wife and family.

Mrs. Graham SANDS

Wife of our friend, Graham, Mrs. Sands died this month. Bruce Ford attended the funeral. The Sands have a special place in our Unit and our sympathy goes out to Graham and his family.


Make your plans now. We look like going to Tamworth for a weekend in November and, if it can be arranged, we will take our wives.

Bob Jack and Harry Collins will be in charge of operations from this end. Squire O'Donnell and his mates will work from Queensland.


Do you remember Mick Fletcher of "C" Co.? He is in some trouble and you may be able to help. He is almost quite incapacitated now and is striving to gain a 100% pension from his present 40%. His local R.S.L. want to hear from members who recall that he suffered from the usual ailments whilst a P.O.W. Apparently he struck a bad patch at the examination and lack of sympathy can often colour decisions on these matters. Mick's address is C/- MELROSE STATION, CONDOBOLIN, N.S.W.


Phil Schofield is on the sick list... he is on sick leave prior to retirement. Phil has had another coronary and will now have to take it easy.


There has been a suggestion that we have some Battalion cuff links made. Interested? Please let Bruce Ford know.

Do you remember these boys? It's an old photograph taken at Bathurst. It's the "A" Co. Football Team. They were never beaten in any match!

Front Row: Joe Pearce, Matey Asgill, Kevin Dowling
Second Row: Joe Veivers, Keith Chapman, Steve Swain, Ted Watt
Standing: Baldy Booth, Porkey Evans, Harry Abrahams, Stan Arneil, Doug Blanshard, Ned Williams


This must have been a pretty good show.

Athol Charlesworth, Andy Noble, Les Perry and Bruce Ford went to Narrandera and received a great welcome from Keith Mulholland, Terry O'Rourke, Jack Bevan and Tommy Stevens, all from Narrandera.

The lads came from near and far and included Jack Folkard, (Tallimba), George Parfrey (Finley), Max Pyle (Barrigan), Bill Hodge (Griffith), Jock MacKenzie (Leeton), Stan Lugton (Wagga), Albert Griffiths (Hay), Frank Webb (Griffith), Vic Hamlin (Boree Creek).
They also saw Laurie Mountford at Leeton.

Seasons greetings to all,

Stan Arneil.


Once again I have very great pleasure in sending to all our members and their families my own and my wife's best wishes to you all for 1967.

We live in stirring times and if ever our regimental motto - Play the Game - was required, it is required now!

As I said to you in 1940 - Play the Game - AND GO TO IT!


Our highly successful Next-of-Kin function closely followed by our equally successful Annual Reunion demonstrated the bond that unites us.

May this continue far beyond our personal lifetimes and pass on to our children.

I wish you and your families everything that is good for Christmas and the New Year.

Arch Thorburn

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