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Makan No. 171
November, 1966


Dear Dig,

I wonder what you really thought the outcome of the Next-of-Kin Dinner would be. Some of us were a little sceptical and envisaged a solemn handshaking evening with folk we had not previously met. All in all, it looked like a pretty grim night coming up - to some of us, that is.

Well, it certainly was not like that. In fact it was perhaps the nicest little function the Association has ever held.

As you know, it was held at the Australia with a large attendance of members and their wives and the Guests of Honour - the Next-of-Kin. No names can be mentioned of the Next-of-Kin for fear of missing out on a name or two and perhaps giving an unintentional hurt.

It was a delightful experience to speak to the mothers, wives and children (all grown up now) of our former comrades. The Next-of-Kin enjoyed it too, and the youngsters appeared to be real proud that their fathers would have been spoken of with affection by so many.

The credit for the idea of the function and all its details goes to Bob Jack and his wife, Shirley. Nothing was left undone, everything was in abundance and was most tastefully arranged.

The Old Man was piped in by a Pipe Major and his talk to the gathering was one of the best we have heard him give. We always say that! But he’s getting better every day......

It was like a re-union with a difference, and with the wives present made for an excellent night. How some of those weather-beaten troops managed to marry such beautiful wives is beyond us, but they were, dozens and dozens of lovely ladies bubbling over with fun and laughter. Boy, it was great!

The Next-of-Kin Dinner was an occasion which could be repeated again some time. It was a pointer also to the fact that the troops like to bring their wives with them and a mixed function or party would probably be assured of success.

Once again, all credit to Bob Jack and his wife, Shirley for a job well done!


The Committee plans to hold the 1967 Reunion at Tamworth with members remaining for the weekend. There will be a lot of preliminary planning to do but this could be our biggest Reunion yet. The Queensland boys will turn up in force and there is a possibility of special plane flights from Sydney - keep it in mind.


Come to Bathurst, please! The 14th January will be a Saturday and the Committee proposes to arrange with the Bathurst R.S.L. for a special ceremony at the Cairn. This will be a big show and we hope to see a big roll-up. Details of arrangements will be before you in the Christmas Makan but, in the meantime, will you please let Bruce Ford know -

1. if you plan to go, and

2. if you plan to go by car - then the number of spare seats available (if any).

This could be yet another function which your wife and children would appreciate attending.


Bookings are good but don't be deterred if you haven't booked yet. Turn up, please.

The Place: Hotel Metropole - City

The Time: Get there about 6.00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and have a drink in the Phillip Room until 7.00 p.m. when we will sit down to - Roast Beef and Apple Pie

No nonsense like last year when the publican tried to push us around like a bunch of school kids. We say dinner is about 7.00 p.m. and we will start to sit down about that time of night. It will probably take us 20 minutes to get all seated but nobody is going to worry about that.

It should be a good night. The Old Man will blast off, as usual, we hope, but we enjoy that anyway!

See you there......


From Terry O'Rourke, Narrandera -

Terry is the Secretary of the R.S.L. Sub-Branch and a member of the Narrandera Shire Council.

He is still in charge of Forestry District up his way.

Mr. O'Rourke reports that Keith Mulholland was in Concord for a spell; Tom Stevens is still working in the hospital and keeping "fair".

Terry met Bill Brown of Griffith and says he is bigger and noisier than ever!

Vic Hamlin and Alf Weaver came up from Sydney and the trio had an exciting night out at Boree Creek.

Terry also reports he met Albert "Nookie" Griffiths at Hay and says he is only fair at present.

Mrs. O'Rourke, Muriel, is kept busy too. There are 4 children and Muriel is on 3 P&C Committees and Canteen Committees and besides that she is the President of the local R.S.L. Women's Auxiliary!

Some fellows are rich and have secretaries. Others just marry well. Several of the troops had their wives do the right thing - sent in their subs!

For example - Lloyd Stuart's wife posted in the decimal currency. (We must point out that before Lloyd was married his mother used to send in the subs and spoilt him!) Mrs. Stuart reports Lloyd is keeping fit and still likes his golf.

Example No. 2

Les Southwell's wife sent the subs and his regards to all.

Examples 3 and 4

The spouses of Les Parfrey and Joe Pearce (Pearson) likewise.

In response to our appeal regarding addresses unknown which were published in a couple of Makans ago, we thank the following for notifying us so promptly of the ones they knew:

Bill Melville, Kevin Ward, J.W.C. Lattimer,      Phil Schofield, Harry Riches

We had a letter from Mrs. Doris Brown, wife of our late member, Harry Brown of Dunmore, thanking us for the expressions of sympathy tendered to her by the 2/30th members. She also said she was so very pleased that Harry felt well enough to go to the last Reunion as he enjoyed himself immensely and met such a lot of his old mates he hadn't seen for years.

"Jacko" Jackson of Chatswood sent his subs along and reported that since his sojourn in Concord last year he has put on a couple of stone in weight! He is still doing very well at his golf.

A letter from Harry Riches of Brunswick Heads. He tells us that Reg Friend and Ron Chipps went up to Lismore for the Reunion in February and spend the weekend with Harry and his wife. Nothing to do with their visit, but Harry got very sick a few days later and was in hospital for a few weeks with a bad leg but is o.k.: again now.

Harry also reported that Russ Mackie missed the Re-Union this year for the first time Absence due to illness.


Congratulations to Blair Taylor and Ron Foster and their respective ladies. Both families are showing off their new sons (one to each family).


Bert Hodge brought one point to mind when he recently asked for a badge and a tie.

We have ties and badges for sale. Two dollars ($2.00) for a tie, and One dollar ($1.00) for a badge.

Bessie Ellis will be only too happy to assist (The address or phone number - page 1 of this publication.)


As famous entertainer Anna Russell says about the bagpipes -

"they were invented because of the haggis. As haggis is served, pipers parade around the tables piping for all their worth. It's to take your mind off what you’re eating....."


A Scotsman dying in hospital expressed the wish to hear the bagpipes for the last time. A piper was summoned and performed daily outside the ward window.

To the astonishment of medical science, the Scotsman recovered.

The only drawback was that all the other patients died!




All the best,

Stan Arneil

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