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Makan – No. 155
Dec/Jan., 1962/1963


Dear Dig,

Life Members continue to come into the Association fairly regularly. Sandy Christensen, one who has never missed a unit Function, has just transferred as a “Lifer”, as has another stalwart, Tommy Bicknell of Killara.


Gunnedah must be one of the most 8th Division towns in Australia. Year after year its 8th Division Committee organises and holds a successful function which attracts people from all parts of the State. This year a plaque was unveiled to the late Brig. Varley in the presence of Mrs. Varley. 2/30th members will have a soft spot for Gunnedah as it was the home town of one of our best mates, the late Tom Bowden.

Doug Leathardt brought out one of the most important points to date regarding 8th Div. functions. He said, at Gunnedah, that there was an increasing tendency at these functions to regard them as "Divisional" and not “Unit” functions. This trend has become noticeable in the last few years, one of its greatest protagonists being “Black Jack" himself.


On Sunday, 9th December, the Colours of the 30th Battalion were laid up in the traditional British Army fashion at St. Stephen's Church, Sydney. The ceremonies included the last parade of the 30 Bn. C.M.F., who turned out in kilts and sporrans. On parade members of the 30 Bn. A.I.F. from the First World , and 100 members of the 2/30 Bn., and at least that many from the 30th Bn. A.I.F. (Second World War) who saw service in New Guinea.

There were brass and red caps galore with a full (?) pipe band and 2,000 spectators comprising next-of-kin of deceased ex-servicemen, and wives and children. It was a brave show and the ceremony was further dignified by the presence of Black Jack resplendent in full ceremonial with the Unit D.S.O. proudly worn.

After the official ceremony the wives, children, in fact all present were entertained by the 30 Bn. Scottish at the Sydney Showground. To the Scottish Co., with particular emphasis to Major Playfair, our Association says "thank you” for your wonderful effort.


It was a great privilege to attend the Annual Reunion of the 2/15 Field Regt. and enjoy an evening with them. Most of those present would have been known to you, if not by name, then at least by sight, and this makes for a pleasant evening. Rowley Richards, president was in the Chair and Brig. Taylor was the Guest Speaker for the evening. Black Jack attended in his own right as an Honorary Member of the 2/15 Field Regt. Association and spoke briefly to those present.


Members will be sorry to hear of the death of Alf Summers, ex A. Coy., some months ago. Alf was one of the Unit Family but retired from active participation in Association affairs after the war. The sympathy of members has been conveyed to Mrs. Summers.


Another year has passed and like those previous years has seen the passing-on of a number of our mates. There seems no doubt that 20 years after is taking its toll. Those of us who carry on have the added duty of insuring that these additional widows are cared for - that is a sacred trust to us all. I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and that 1963 proves to be a healthy, happy and prosperous year for you and your loved ones.

Our Association Officers and Committee have done a great job this year and I am sure you would want me to say to them, especially Arch Thorburn, Harry Collins and Stan Arneil, how much we appreciate their good work an our behalf and to wish them from us all a grand Association year in 1963. Good luck, lads to you and yours!


This year our Annual Picnic will be held on Sunday 3rd March, the first Sunday in March, as usual. It will be held at the Lane Cove National Park on the same ground as it was last year. To find the picnic ground, members should come from the Chatswood end of the Park, turn into the Park on to the Lady Game drive and, after two or three hundred yards, turn left and cross the small bridge.

Members and their families should arrive from about 11 o'clock onwards if they desire to have lunch there. The games, races and so on for the children will start about 2 o'clock.

The picnic is a good day whether it rains or shines and not only for children. Mothers and fathers enjoy themselves too! This is a day to really relax. Cost per family irrespective of number of children is ten shillings. You will be sure of a good day no matter what age your children, if any, are. Could you please advise Cecily Boss - 89 2580 - if you are coming? Ta.


On the 14th January we will commemorate Fallen Comrades at a brief and simple ceremony at the Cenotaph at 7 p.m. The ceremony will take the form of a placing of wreaths on the Cenotaph followed by the Last Post and Reveille.

We hope that those who live close enough to the city will see fit to pay public tribute to comrades who have passed on both during and since the end of the war.

We make a special point of asking the wives and next-of-kin to attend as onlookers and after the ceremony will be granted the opportunity to stop in at the Combined Services R.S.L. Club in Barrack Street for refreshments and the opportunity to meet one another.

Please make this commemoration a must if you are in Sydney, as there's always the chance that next year the Unit will be at the Cenotaph to commemorate you!!!

Members will be sorry to hear of the death of Alex Dandie’s wife. She was ill for some considerable time. The sympathy of all members go to Alex.


This is proceeding quite well and each week two members of the Committee are visiting Yaralla to renew acquaintances with such of our friends who are there.

I have not details yet of patients as Kevin Ward, our Liaison Officer, is on holidays. On his return we will be in a position to keep you informed of the names of our members at Yaralla.


Remember the "Johan"? Well, you should! You went away in her, Dig.

"The Olden" is still afloat, still running and will be in port in Sydney on January 25th! We are arranging for all ex-members of the Unit, their wives, next-of-kin, etc., to visit her on the 25th of this month, but at the time of writing we have not got the time of the visit or the form it will take.

Particulars will be available after the 14th from Bess Ellis WX3190.

Make sure you revisit the Army's most famous wartime troop carrier....25th January....and that's this months!

Lets get pecuniary.

Sorry to mention this, but subs of 10/- a year are now due and payable. Please remit as soon as possible in order that our finances will be kept in shape.

All the best

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