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Makan – No. 154
Oct/Nov, 1962


Dear Dig,

This "Makan” has been scratched out in a hurry in order that you may be sure to be at the Laying up of the Colours, we apologise for the absence of Christmas Greetings, but we will try for another edition in January.


It was a great pity that the A.I.F. battalions were formed, trained, sent into action and finally disbanded without once seeing the Colours of the Regiments whose numbers they bore. These Colours, a King's (now a Queen’s Colour) and a Regimental Colour were all in Australia at the time but held in secure custody for the period of the war. In the case of the 30th Battalion - the N.S.W. Scottish Regiment - the Colours were again taken up when the battalion was reactivated in May, 1948, and now that its regimental entity has been "lost" in the reorganisation of the 1st Pentropic Division (1960) the Colours are being “Laid Up" in St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church on Sunday, 9th December, 1962.

The arrangements for this event have been in the hands of the last C.O. - Lieut. Col. W. Crooks - and a strong committee of A Coy. 2 N.S.W. Regiment (the Scottish component) along with representatives of the 1st A.I.F., 2nd A.I.F. and the C.M.F. pre-war and post-war units. A marvellous job of organising has been done and well over 2,000 people with a direct interest in the "Regiment" already having accepted invitations, it will undoubtedly be the biggest event of its kind ever seen in this country. If you haven't answered your invitation - although intending to go, don't delay a moment longer - remember it's a big job the Committee is doing.

Our Association has bean well informed and has been cooperating all along. Here are the arrangements for Sunday, 9th December:

(1) 2/30 Members gather at 1.15 p.m. at Northern end of Hyde Park - on lawn to EAST of main pathway (leading to the Archibald Memorial) but as near as possible to Queen's Square.

(A Coy. with Colour Party and Pipe & Drum Band march from Queen's Square on to path between the Square and the Archibald Memorial at 1.40 p.m.)

Seating accommodation for families will also be on EAST side of path, but nearer to Dais (V.I.P.'s are between Deals and Memorial).

(2) 2/30 Members - After A Coy, and Colours form up in front of dais - form on path, facing EAST, on left flank of A. Coy, with 30th Bn. (1939-45) member, who won the other World War 11 battle honours, opposite on other side of path. (later when Coy. is inspected it will march to the right - around the Memorial - and then MARCH PAST the dais towards Queen's Square, moving between the two World War 11 Battalions, whose members join the column to march to St. Stephen's via Philip Street and Martin Place. The inspecting party will include, of course, the "Old Man" who will be honoured also by receiving the salute at the March past.

At this stage, families will move direct to St. Stephen's via Macquarie Street, 2/30 folk gathering on footpath immediately SOUTH of the entrance and behind the barriers there.

(3) When A Coy. and Colour Party halt in Macquarie Street in front of the Church, 2/30 will move over to South side of entrance, forming three (3) ranks from entrance door across path and along barriers to South..

(30 Bn. members will do likewise on North side of entrance.)

(4) When Colours have passed through into the church, 2/30 members will join their family folk (behind barriers on footpath) and move into the church via Southern Aisle to seats allotted. (Service will be from 3.00 p.m. to 3.45 p.m.)

(5) After the Service, all move independently to A.M.P. Pavilion at R.A.S. Showground for afternoon tea and other hospitality. (There is a children's playground next to the Pavilion.)

Just a few points to remember:

Remove hats when Colours pass, or you pass the Colours. Also when Colours march on or off the Parade (into the Church).

Don't delay your donation toward expenses, if you intend one. Remembering that we are “all in this", the Association has donated 25 to help defray expenses, which will total about 1,000 altogether, but this is more for general expenses than the hospitality side. (There are already 250 acceptances from 2/30 members.)

Donations should be sent to:

W.O.2 M. Selwood, CROWS NEST.

This will be the only occasion we will have of seeing the Colours on which are emblazoned the battle honours won in Malaya.

Gemas! Johore! Singapore Island! Malaya 1941-42!

Read the beautiful brochure you will get and keep it as a prized souvenir. (The coloured reproduction of the queen's and Regimental Colours is significant!)

Don't forgot to wear your regimental tie and badge!!


Ex members of our unit have been invited to participate in a grand reunion of the 8th Division to be held at Hobart on Saturday and Sunday 23rd and 24th February, 1963. Extracts from the brochure on the subject are as follows:

"This reunion will coincide with the first day of the Royal Hobart Regatta and will precede by three days the Royal Visit to Tasmania by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth and H.R.H. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Official Programme:
Saturday, 23rd February
11 a.m Lord Mayor's Civic Reception
3.30 p.m. Annual Meeting, 2/40th O.C.A. All visitors cordially invited.
7.00 p.m. Reunion and Dinner. Gathering commences at 6.00 p.m. Wives of visiting members will be entertained by the Ladies' Auxiliary on a conducted tour of the Huon Valley.

Sunday, 24th February.

11.00 a.m. March to the Cenotaph and Laying of Wreaths.
12.30 p.m. Barbecue for all members and their wives at the Margate property of Mr. S.C.H. Frost.


It would be appreciated if all who intend coming to this reunion would contact the Organising secretary, Mr. T.A. Cullen, at their earliest convenience. They should advise how long they will be staying, their Unit, and whether their wives will be accompanying them. Please make your bookings with the Tasmanian Government Tourist Bureau in your home state. It is essential that reservations be made by 1st November, 1962, due to the heavy demand on accommodation during February.

The members of the 2/40th O.C.A. look forward to renewing friendships with other members of the forces, formed during the war. This is also a wonderful opportunity of seeing our lovely Island State at the best time of the year."

P.O.W. W.O.W.

Russ Perkins, effervescent and mercurial as ever, has joined the Association and now regrets that he didn't stop to join years ago. Russ lives at Parramatta, and is branch manager at Hornsby of Sydney Snows Pty. Ltd. Being away from the rush and bustle of the city has its compensations, according to Russ, but if we know this lad he will turn Hornsby into a volcanic area very quickly. Call in and see him if you are passing Hornsby or Parramatta. You will always be welcome!

Jimmy Deveigne of Westmead saves money on writing-pads by writing his letters on blank telegram forms. It is so much cheaper and, at the same time, reduces the size of the letter. Jimmy saw Ted Watts ex A. Coy at Gundagai recently. Ted is well and rejoices in a family of six children.

Derek Smith of Bargo is one of the workers behind the town plan to provide playing fields and amenities for young people at Bargo. Soccer, cricket and basketball are organised on a great big scale and visits to surrounding towns by various teams are on the programme.

Tommy Davis has been appointed Superintendent of the Cobar District Ambulance Service and has taken up residence there after some years in the Riverina. Tommy recently spent a holiday on the North Coast where he stopped the night with Ossie Jackson, of Binnaburra. He also saw Ben Pearce at Sawtell and Max Pyle at Bellingen.

Sid Grounds, who now lives at Carlton, provides one of the best chuckles of the month when he writes that he applied for an increase in pension, was examined by a Tribunal which reduced his pension by 25%!!! Sid gives us the benefit of his experience and warns those who feel they should claim an increase to consider the matter carefully before making a formal application. Sid and his family recently spent a holiday at Gresford and stayed several days with Bob Wells. Sid also ran into Ron Borer, one of the lads who was transferred out of the Unit at Bathurst. Ron served in the Middle East and is now employed at the Repat Artificial Limb factory, Chalmers St., Sydney.

Neil Sellers of Kingsgrove sent his subs along but forgot, to add news of himself.

Ross Madden took his family for a holiday to the North Coast recently, visiting Coffs Harbour with its banana plantations and Woolgoolga with its lake. They spent a day with Ben Pearce and his family and later met your friend, Darby Young who looks very fit. Ross lives and works at Armidale. He is in the building trade and writes that there is always plenty of work in the district as a result of money being spent for the erection of new schools and university buildings, in addition to the normal growth of the district.

Phil Schofield has moved into a new house at Seaforth. Seaforth is a familiar district for Phil as his old stamping ground was, for many years, the Manly district.

Sid Stephens is still living at East Maitland, working (?) with the P.M.G. Sid has spent his spare time, during the last year, building weekender at The Entrance. One of these days Sid is going to retire there.


It is with regret that we learn of the death of Ernie Randle, ex A. Coy. Ernie was a 'nerve case' and prior to his death was classified as a T.P.I. Ernie had a brother, "Snowy", in C. Coy., and they were very close. Our deepest sympathy to next-of-kin.

That's all for this issue,


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