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Makan – No. 143
Oct/Nov, 1960


Dear Dig,

The time is drawing close to the date of our twentieth anniversary dinner and if you have not already booked your ticket it is essential that you do so without delay so that the final catering arrangements may be made.

Key men in particular, that is those lads who were entrusted with the job of contacting other members, should ring Harry Collins at MA5924 or X36349 and report progress.

All money should be in the hands of Harry Collins, if possible, by 4th November. Accommodation for country visitors will be available providing Harry Collins is notified by 4th November.

To refresh your memory; the anniversary reunion dinner is to be held at Anthony Hordern's on Saturday 12th November, commencing at 6.30 p.m. It is essential that you be on time because, we must finish the evening at 10.30 p.m. and vacate the premises. The programme that has been arranged by the Committee is one which will suit you and there will be good food and a glass of cold ale, in fact, as much food and as much ale as you will be able to handle at one sitting. The Committee request that you wear your battalion tie.

The entrance to the dinner hall is from Swan Lane in George Street. Swan Lane is really not a lane at all, it is only a blind alley between Angus & Cootes and Anthony Hordern's in George Street. The Committee will place a sign near the entrance of the lane, so you should not miss the place. In case you are early, there are a couple of little pubs opposite Anthony Hordern's (in George Street); we think you might find one or two of the lads there prior to the dinner. This dinner is the biggest of its type that we have yet tackled and the number of acceptances so far received has been very gratifying. However, there are lots of our friends who have changed their addresses and we have been unable to contact them. We give you their name below. If you know the address of any of these lads please ring Harry Collins immediately, and if you can manage it, seek out the person and tell him personally of the reunion.

L.G. Anderson, J.C. Angus, G.P. Anthony, W.J. Boyton, R.G. Bridges, M.P. Brow, J. Bruce, R. Burbury, A.W. Campbell, B. Clark, E.P. Condie, H.R. Convery, F.P. Copley, D.K. Dale, J. Dickinson, M.C. Dixon, J.W. Donohue, C.R. Erwin, R.H. Etherington, A.J. Finlayson, A.E. Fletcher, J.P. Folkard, D. Foran, S.G. Grattan, H.R. Green, O.V. Griffith, E.P. Hill, A.D. Holcombe, G.H. Hold, T. Howard, B.E. Kruse, S.J. Ledwidge, E.F. May, K. McFarlane, J.W. McGee, A.C. McLean, W. McNeil, A.S. Meadows, C.W. Miller, N.P. Moloney, L.M. Neyland, R. Nicholls, G A. Osmond, R.N. Pearce, W.R. Perkins, A.T.R. Piper, C.M. Rope, R.T.K. Rickards, L.V. Roberts, W. Roberts, J. Saunderson, E.G.S. Stanton, R.H. Stokes, R. J. Surtees, J.H.S. Thomas, A.K. Thompson, N.E. Thorley, E.F. Todd, G. Turner, A.C. Warton, K.N. Williams, J. Wilson.

Finally. We are not allowed to take money at the door so we ask you to please send it in you miserable pack of 8th Division dead beats that you are. Let’s not beat about the bush, we’ve worked our so and so insides out for the success of this function so stir your miserable selves and send in your money at once, and just in case you're too damned lazy to send your money along then come along anyway because no matter what you are the Unit wants to see you there on November 12th. You can say what you like about this Makan when you see us at the reunion.


It is with regret that we record the death of our friend Bill Dainton who died recently. Bill we a Don Company man, one of the cooks. Although he was a rather quiet chap, Bill had a wide circle of friends and was well thought of in the Unit. He was a Life Member of our Association and never missed a function. Bill leaves a widow and two children, a son 24 and a daughter 11. Mrs. Dainton lives at Strathmore Parade, Chatswood, and a letter to that address would be much appreciated.

Ross Madden writes that he hopes to attend the reunion and if so will try to bring Bobbie Gibbs of Narrabri with him. Here’s a turn up! Tommy Davis, one of our most dyed in the wool 'North Coasters' has shifted to the Riverina. Here is his letter which is a good one:

"I am enclosing 10/2 for 2 years subs to the Association. I just don't know if I am in arrears or in advance, but as I look forward to each issue of the Makan I just wouldn't like to not receive each issue because I had failed to pay this very important sub. Since coming to Berrigan 10 months ago, I have settled down in the famous Riverina after being a north coast-ite all my life, and I guess you remember the many arguments within the unit regarding the virtues of the Hunter River, North Coast and Riverina, and I think I was one of the strongest advocates for the North Coast, but after living here and seeing something of irrigation system and what they grow then perhaps we were just a little bit wrong, because this is an excellent area here, but the one thing we miss is the sea. Recently a P.O.W. Reunion was held at Numurkah, Victoria at which 190 attended from all parts of Victoria and Southern N.S.W. It was an excellent night plenty of poultry and sea foods with an unlimited amount of the cup that cheers. There were several 30th chaps present, Max Pyle, Berrigan, Keith Mulholland from Narrandera and myself. It was the first time that I had seen Mull since returning home, so needless to say there was quite a lot to talk about. Unfortunately in Victoria, being a Saturday night we had to close down at midnight, but it was altogether an excellent night. Since coming here, I am in most organisations in the town, Apex Club, R.S.L., ,P & C. Association, Boy Scouts Committee, Bowling Club, which means that I am out 3 and 4 nights a week. Recently while an holidays, I called at the Memorial at Bathurst, a few days before I was there, apparently there had been a heavy downpour of rain as the surrounding of the Memorial was covered with sticks, mud etc., which I cleaned up as best I could, apparently the drain at the back is not deep enough to carry the water, so perhaps someone in the area may dig it deeper, to prevent it happening again."


Although we are not making a big drive for Members to go to Bathurst this year, we have been informed that a few families intend to make the trip to Bathurst on November 21st and congregate at the Memorial at about 2.30 p.m. to place wreaths thereon. It is quite likely that the re union diner will bring to light others who would like to make the trip. Please ring Stan Arneil. XJ5453 if you Intend to go.

Tommy Grant of Mount Burrell, Tweed River is fairly confident that as the father of six daughters he can claim the course record. Tommy should not be too sure of himself as stayers and players like Doc. Wilson, Bill Ennis and others might yet place Tommy amongst the 'also rans.'

Harry Wilson, writer of the worlds shortest letters is living at Hay St., Collaroy. We made a mistake in saying that Harry Wilson writes short letters when compared with this one from Sid Hart of Newcastle:

Last year. This year. Next year please accept balance as interest on overdue subs.

Les Southwell of Canberra still keeps in touch with us per medium of his wife's letters. George Kingston from South Australia writes that his 21 year old daughter won a buck-jumping contest recently, whilst George himself didn't rate a place. Ian Pryce, kid walloper, is now living at 12 Cyrus Avenue, Wahroonga. We do not know the location of his new school.


On Friday 4th November at 5.40 p.m. Rev. Father O'Neill, son of the late Colonel O’Neill, who lost his life in Malaya whilst commanding the 2/15 Field Regiment, will offer the Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral in memory of all deceased members of the 8th  Aust. Division. We have been invited to attend the Mass by the  2/15 Field Regimental Association.


See you at the Reunion.


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