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Makan – No. 139
February / March, 1960


Dear Dig,


The Commemoration Ceremony on the 14th January this year was a dignified and fitting remembrance of deceased comrades of the Units involved. The Commemoration began at approximately 7.00 p.m. with the placing of the first wreath by Lt. Gen. Gordon Bennett; Black Jack then placed a flower plaque on the Cenotaph followed by Dr. Rowley Richards, President of the 2 /15th Field Regiment then by Charlie Williams of the 8th Division Signals. Last Post was followed by the recitation of the Ode by Noel Johnston and the playing of Reveille concluded the ceremony.

The attendance was the biggest we have had in fourteen years, about sixty chaps being present. The attendance included representatives of the 2/15th Field Regiment, Rowley Richards, John Hogan, Mich Petchell, and Skippy Maher and from the 8th Division Signal, Charlie Williams, Jimmie Ling and two other lads, whose names I have misplaced.

It was fitting that both the 2/15th and the Sigs were well represented as the 2/30th are always conscious of the fact that these supporting Units were part of the team which made such a success of our first action. The time of the ceremony, 7.00 p.m. was most suitable and contributed to the large attendance. The gathering was enhanced by the presence of the wives and next of kin members and included Mesdames Ellis, Geikie, Massey, Johnston and Jack. I hope that I haven't left any names out there as the Committee did appreciate their presence. The credit for the change of the time goes to Garry Evans who suggested the new time at the last Annual General Meeting.

After the ceremony those present adjourned to a very convenient city club as the guest of Des Duffy. It would not be proper for me to mention the name of the club but it is suffice to say that the close proximity of it to the cenotaph coupled with its excellent appointments and service and the fact that ladies are allowed to attend made a very happy finish to the evening. The Committee records its thanks to Des Duffy and his Club for their kindness.

The Committee would also like to place on record their appreciation of the effort of Popeye Kentwell's wife in the making of the floral plaque for the ceremony. It was beautifully made in the shape of a large colour patch with the grey background, from natural flowers.

Snowy Stevens recently enjoyed a holiday at Coff's Harbour and whilst there he systematically unearthed all our chaps in the area. He met Darby Young who is a Committee Member of his local R.S.L. Darby is still a treat to meet. Snowy went fishing with Andy Hardy the little follow from C. Coy. Andy was holidaying in the district and also from his normal residence at Glebe Point, Sydney.

Bob Newman and his wife, from Woolgoolga entertained Snowy at dinner one night for a very enjoyable few hours. Sid Grounds and all friends of Con Hedwards of Woolgoolga will be glad to hear that Con is doing well. Snowy enjoyed meeting him again.

Ben Pearce came from Sawtell to see our boy. Ben is a fine fellow and is a steward at the local R.S.L. Club. He is a shadow of his former self though, the long years and a lot of illness have taken their toll of him.

Jock Logan called on Charlie Annand's wife, with Snow. Mrs. Annand has remarried and is now Mrs. Farrell. Charlie's two boys are men now, both superb athletes and fine fellows. Charlie's wife and her husband Mr. Farrell would welcome any visitors to the district, from the Unit.

We received a very nice letter from Ray Donald's wife giving us their new address which is LIVERPOOL. Ray is doing it the hard way and is working from 6 am until 4 p.m. with a Saturday morning shift also. Two boys and a daughter have blessed the Donald household.


All ex-members of the Unit join together in expressing their deepest sympathy to the wife and children of our friend Alex Snow who died last month from illness due to War Service. Alex was originally with H.Q. Coy, until he successfully completed the Officers Training Course from which he graduated as a Lieutenant. He was a man of enthusiasm and would tackle any job assigned to him. After his return to civilian life he was with David Jones Ltd. of Sydney where his organising ability was noticed to such an extent that he was promoted to a much higher post in the firm, in a new venture which David Jones took over in Adelaide.

During his period with David Jones, Alex was sent to Japan on business trips. However, Alex was offered the Management of a large Sydney firm, took it, and was making a great success of the job when he died. He was in America when the illness struck him and his firm flew Mrs. Snow to America from which they returned together. A few days after their return to Australia Alex died. Representatives of the Association attended his funeral. Alex was thirty-nine years of age.


One of our most successful functions was the first Annual Picnic which we held last year. The weather was stormy and the day was preceded by heavy downpours but it did not detract greatly from the attendance nor did it affect the enjoyment of the day. This year it is hoped that the function will be even more successful by reason of a larger attendance. This year, however, a cost of 10/- per family will be charged as a contribution towards the costs of the day. The picnic is for Unit members and their friends and will be held at Lane Cove National Park an the first Sunday in March.

To ensure that we can provide lollies for the children the Committee request you advise immediately of the numbers of children you intend to bring. Will you please ring this information today to any of the following members :- Bessie Ellis, WX3198, Bill Ennis, BW8916, Harry Collins, MA5924, Jack Boss, WX2680 and Arch Thorburn, BM4574.

The location of the Picnic will be in ground 1A at Lane Cove, National Park. No 1A Ground is not more than 100 yards from the first gateway into the Park on the Chatswood side. For those who have not transport, we supply the following timetable of trains and buses arriving at Chatswood Station, which is the Station at which you must alight. Train leaves Central 9.55 a.m. connecting with a Bus leaving Chatswood at 11.10 a.m, and 11.51 a.m. The number of the bus is "54". Bring your own lunch - we will provide hot tea. There is a shallow pool for the children to swim and the adults may swim in the river. If it is hot please bring tarpaulins or car covers if you have them. The Sports Programme will commence at 2.00 p.m, with races for all children; tug-of-war contests and special novelty races for husbands and wives. Don't miss this opportunity for a lot of fun, but remember - ring now and advise the numbers of children of your own or your friends whom you intend to bring.



I hope to attend the picnic in March. I will bring......children whose ages are as follows :

1st Child..........2nd Child..........3rd Child..........

4th Child..........5th Child..........6th Child..........

(SIGNED) .......... ..........

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