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Makan – No. 129
Aug/Sept, 1958


Dear Dig,

Recently I had the pleasure of being present at the opening of the extensions to the Marrickville Anzac Memorial Club in July. I was there by courtesy of our friend Freddie Bladwell who in days gone by was under the impression that he was fairly hard to pull down on the football field. This was a false impression for as you all know the A. Coy forwards always delighted in throwing Freddie from one corner of the field to the other in every match in which they met him. However, those pleasant memories are of over sixteen years ago, nowadays Fred, and his A. Coy opponents for that matter, have left the field far behind. Fred is a "civic dignitary" if you please and it is good to see a man like Fred taking his rightful place in public affairs. Fred is a Trustee and Past President of the Marrickville Anzac Club and one can see from the manner in which he is regarded that the local gentry think as highly of Fred as we did.

The Old Man, accompanied by Mrs. Galleghan, opened the new Club Rooms in his usual style, which endeared him to all present. The Clubrooms are nothing short of magnificent and the Old Man pointed out what an admirable thing it was to see First and Second World War Diggers mingling in an atmosphere of equality and comradeship, assisting one where necessary and making a contribution to a better way of life.

Jim Rutherford, ex 2/29th, regularly sends along a donation to our Association. Jim is very popular with our lads and has always been closely associated with the Unit. Jim is with William Adam and Co., his home is at St. Ives.

Eric Arps of Kingsgrove, is a regular correspondent. He and his family are well; Eric is doing fairly well in the business world.

Mrs. Bluey Peterson of Fairy Meadow writes in support of the proposal for a Unit picnic in the summer. Others have also responded to the idea and we hope to give you full details shortly.

Doug McLaggan and wife, married since 1950, are rejoicing in the birth of their first baby, a son. They had almost given up hope of ever having a baby of their own and now that the little fellow has arrived they are beside themselves with joy,

It was a great pleasure to hear from Bruce Upcroft again after a gap of a couple of years. Bruce has been in Victoria for eighteen months but has now returned to Hobart which is his permanent home. Bruce renewed acquaintance with our friend Bill Gilligan and collected his subscription from him.


It is with regret that we record the death of your friend Arthur Overett of H.Q. Coy. Arthur died of a cerebral haemorrhage on Sunday 7th September, at Yaralla Hospital. Arthur suffered from a war disability of intense migraine, was admitted to hospital with a migraine attack and died on the same day. He was a member of Bn. H.Q, and went to Burma with "A" Force. He chummed up with Jack Grossmith at Bathurst and remained the closest of friends through those days, right through "A" Force and up to the day of his death. It was Jack who gave us the news within a few hours of Arthur's death. Arthur was always at our reunions, he was a nice fellow, well liked by the boys and a most enthusiastic Association member. Arthur died at the age of thirty-eight years. He gave his life for his country as did our comrades who were killed in action. The postponement of his death perhaps made it even more tragic as he left a devoted wife and two children. The Old Man and the Association join together in a message of heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. Overett and her family.

Nev Gear, ex Don Coy has returned to his home at Neilson St., Young Wallsend after a serious illness at Yaralla Hospital. Nev has been poorly for some time but has bright hopes for the future. Whilst he was at Yaralla he was visited by our Welfare Officer Les Hall (Les visits all our boys), Graham Bridgewater and others from Don Coy.


A super fashion parade will be held at Princes Restaurant at 3 o'clock on 2nd October, to raise funds to defray the costs of the Roadside Memorial. The parade will feature top line models who will display Spring Fashions. The models will also show the latest swimsuits that boys and men like to see; so it will be most suitable for all to go along. Mrs. Geikie is arranging the parade and is hoping for a big roll up of members, their wives and their friends. Don Garner (Lt) is assisting with the organisation as is Ian Macgregor. Ron Eaton's wife will be one of the models. Admission will cost 12/6 per head and this will include the cost of afternoon tea. We urge all who are able, to attend the parade and help to make it a success. Booking should be made direct to Mrs. Geikie at WX1051 as soon as possible.

Our friend Ian Macgregor fell ill recently whilst on a business trip to Perth and was flown home in a hurry with a severe chest infection. He was in hospital for some time but has recovered his normal health once again.

Nugent Geikie is to be congratulated on his promotion to Assistant Manager of Schute, Bell Badgery & Lumby the wool firm.

Doc Wilson ex A Coy. was in Yaralla Hospital at the time of writing this Makan, suffering from Nephritis. He may still be there when you receive this and a telephone call to the hospital would confirm this for you. Doc is a battler who has had a lot of misfortune during the last few years. He has two children and his wife is expecting a third baby. The bout of illness has pulled him down a little. If he is still in hospital when you receive this we are sure that a visit would be appreciated.


The Annual Reunion of the Unit will be held on November, 14th, at the Railway Institute Hall, Chalmers Street, commencing at 8.00 p.m. The Committee will give full details in the next Makan, but we hope that this year all troops will make arrangements to be present. Each year now we see our cobbers drop out of the ranks one by one and although we none of us can imagine that it will happen to ourselves just yet, we find that at every reunion a few have gone forever. If you can possibly arrange to come along then take this opportunity to be present in order that you may renew acquaintance with your wartime comrades. Some of them travel hundreds of miles to be present. Don't miss it.

Arch Thorburn was in Melbourne recently on a business trip (why else would anyone go there) and came up against a problem which called for an opinion by a responsible banker. He very naturally called on the manager of the A. & N.Z. Bank at Bourke and King Sts., and consulted your old friend Phil Schofield. Phil is still helping lame dogs over stiles and at the moment is coaching a Legacy ward in French and Maths. George Clarke is down there; he is assistant accountant at another branch of the A. & N.Z. Bank. George is also coaching legacy wards for their exams. Phil and George are a good pair.


Many members have indicated their enthusiasm for a picnic since we mentioned the idea in our last Makan. Accordingly we have decided to hold a Sunday picnic at Lane Cove National Park. The date will be, we hope, the first or second Sunday in March. Full details will appear in later Makan but the main point is that this will be wholly and solely a children's day with the adults running a bad last. Jack Boss and Bill Ennis have already inspected the ground and the committee are eager to make this day a success.


The Committee cancelled the trip to Bathurst in July as it was found that the month was unsuitable. Families with small children usually have a household with influenza germs at that time and in any case the short period of daylight hours in July, reduces the pleasure of such a long trip.

However, several representatives went to Bathurst and renewed acquaintance with Mr. Herb Pratley of "Yarras", Kelso. Mr. Pratley has been appointed custodian of the memorial and the R.S.L. at Bathurst and the Turon Shire Council have been informed of this. Mr. Pratley and the local residents have erected posts around the memorial, with connecting chain, surrounded the memorial with a bed of white limestone chips and erected a flagpole on which a replica of our wartime flag will fly.

The Committee invite all who are interested to make a picnic day to Bathurst on Saturday 8th November, when a wreath will be laid on the memorial at 2.00 p.m. Those who intend to make the trip should ring Stan Arneil at XJ5453.

Those with spare seats in care should endeavour to contact others direct or else notify Stan. Those who have no transport should also register and we will endeavour to get them to Bathurst.

Charcoal and Duties,


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