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Makan – No. 128
April/May, 1958


Dear Dig,

Vince Leonard has been in ill health for some time and generally speaking has had quite a deal of bad luck during the last few years. However, his luck seems to be changing for the better now, since he took on a: new job. We hope that things will continue to improve for Vince.

Alf Lamacraft has had a month in Yaralla Hospital, his first visit there since the war. He suffered, with some bad internal haemorrhages, but says it doesn't affect his drinking so he is not too worried about it.

Jack Korn of South Lismore, is still working on the State Railways in that district. Jack writes that he and his wife are well and have no complaints. Gogo Lloyd was sighted recently looking very fit. "Gogo" is doing well we hear in his job.

Harry Griffis of Taree has just written a very nice letter to the Association with his annual subscription. Harry has always been a strong supporter of the Association and his wife shares his feelings in this matter.

Alex Dandie is another of our background boys who are always willing to come forward with an offer of assistance and are always ready to put their hands in their pockets for a welfare case.


The march this year was well attended and was carried out in the best traditions of the Unit. About one hundred marched, Sid Hennessy carried the 2/30 flag. Harry Collins the banner, and Black Jack took his rightful place in front of the unit. After the March, almost everyone assembled at the Rawson Hotel in George Street, where Harry Collins had arranged for a private bar for us. It was a splendid bar and was most suitable for such an occasion.

Very acceptable also was the great box of sandwiches which Harry Collins' wife Betty prepared and donated to the Association. They were a treat and made all the difference really as we were ready for a bite to sat at twelve o'clock when the hotel opened. Des Kearney looked rather poorly, Ward Booth rather 'big', Don Garner (Lt.) very spry and Red Fox McCauley very fit. Big McBurney looked even bigger and he was fit enough to soldier on with Doug Blanshard and Roy Mooney until the lights went out. Young McAndrew made a special trip from the bush, it was good to see Ernie Spencer. We met two of Matey Asgill's brothers and introduced them to B.J. We missed our old mate Reg Ellis with his happy face and little black book, but Jack Boss took over and collected all the subs available. Lots of the lads do like to pay their subs on Anzac Day. Kevin Ward was there, Jimmy Hill, Sid Musgrove and a host of others. We haven't really had such a jolly Anzac Day since 1946, because we have never had such comfort in an hotel bar.


More than 60 has been contributed towards the cost of the Roadside Memorial. Contributions have come from far and wide and have been accompanied by many letters expressing appreciation of the project. In accordance with our custom we will not publish the amounts contributed, but we will publish all names of donors. The first list includes :

Ralph Bradley, Black Jack Galleghan, Alan Penfold, Ward Booth, Tommy Grant, Jack Pope, Stewart Blow, Sid Hennessy, Ray Simmons, Jack Black, Alan Hudson, George Stephenson, Harry Collins, Bruce Ford, Hughie Frazer, Nugent Geikie, Harry Griffis, Graham Sands, Dick Tompson, Arch Thorburn, Wilfred Wades, Doc Wilson, Fred Johnson, Jock Logan, Lennie Lansdown Hank Massey, "Red Fox" McCauley

In addition to our own chaps, donations were made by: - Bill Clayton's father, Lloyd Stuart's mother and father, The Hon. A.S. Luchetti, Federal Member for Macquarie and Graham Sands the father of our own Dick Sands, who was killed at Gemas.

There is a rather interesting point about the A.I.F. service of Graham Sands senior. Both he and his son, our late comrade, enlisted in the same Unit, same Company and same Platoon, with the only difference that, whereas Dick's Father was in the 30 Inf. Bn, A.I.F., Dick was in the 2/30 Inf Bn. 2nd A.I.F. We have not heard of such a coincidence before.


A professional photographer at Bathurst has submitted some excellent samples of photographs of the Roadside Memorial, Bill Ennis had these photographs on show on Anzac Day and the number of members who wished to purchase a photograph for 4/- was very gratifying. However, the photographs will not be ordered for some time yet, as we are bound, in accordance with the motion passed at the Annual General Meeting, to issue a photograph free of all charge to all next of kin of deceased members of our Unit whom we can contact.

Now our list of addresses is out of date, and we request you to send us as soon as possible the address of any such next of kin of whom you are aware. Members who have not ordered a photograph yet may still do so, the four shillings covers the cost of postage and is four shillings well spent.


Our next Annual Reunion will be held at the Railways Institute Hall, Chalmers Street, Sydney, Friday, November 14th. We hope to make this our biggest reunion ever and give you ample notice now in order that Country members may endeavour to make arrangements to visit the city at that time.


It has been suggested by the Committee that next Summer perhaps in January or February, we hold an old fashioned picnic with wives and mothers, grannies, children, etc. A suggested venue has been Lane Cove National Park but there must be plenty of places we could find. Tug of Wars and Egg and spoon races, would be the order of the day with a full program for the kids. If you think anything of the idea let us have your ideas and in a few months we will start planning in earnest.

Harry Law has sold his little sandwich slop in Harris St, and has returned to Newcastle, his home town, where he is working at the Newcastle Hospital.


On Saturday 25th July it is hoped that some members of the Association will pay a visit to the Roadside Memorial at Bathurst, and place thereon a wreath in memory of our Fallen Comrades. At least one car load of members will be making the trip. Any member who intends to make the trip should contact Mrs. Ellis at WX3198.

Doug Blanshard met Joe Pearce recently. Joe, you might recall works for William Adams & Co. which is managed by a great friend of the Unit, namely Jim Rutherford of the 2/29 Bn. Doug says Joe looks well and that he (Joe) takes as much care of himself as a "Chesty" should. Doug also met an acquaintance we could not call him a friend of yours, one "China” Hall. Now don't write for China's address because Doug was unable to ascertain that, nor could he find out the name under which "China” is known at the moment. "China" told Doug one of his best stories yet, he owns a Pineapple Plantation on Magnetic Island. Isn't that a beauty? He said he was in Sydney for a short holiday and was stopping at one of the leading hotels. He didn't say which hotel. Just a quick calculation, how much does" China" owe you?



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