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Circular No. 109
December, 1955 / January, 1956

Official Organ of 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn


Official Organ. of 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn

Dear Dig,

Starver Jones has returned home again from one of his periodical visits to hospital for more skin grafts to his foot. In spite of this recurring trouble he says that he feels well and anticipates living to be at least 100. Starver has a drapery store at Swansea, the district in which he has lived for many years. The highlight of this year for him was the wedding of his daughter some months ago. Recently Arthur Purdon and his wife spent the weekend at the Starver's home and he (Starver) writes that "Arthur is a sick man and has to go very steadily." We have heard from other sources that Arthur is not the man he used to be, we hope his ill health is only temporary.

Bob Howells has left the Commonwealth Bank and has joined the Consolidated Finance Corporation Ltd, of Sydney. Bob was quite a big shot in the Bank so we assume that he is an even bigger shot in his new company. His knowledge of banking and finance should make him a valuable member of any corporation handling finance.

Clyde Blencowe is a now member of the Association and we welcome him as an old friend. He is at Tumbarumba and is a partner in a general store in that town. We hope to see Clyde at one of our reunions as soon as he can manage it.

Wal Eather, Ray Michell, Ron Maston and respective wives recently attended the 12/15 Hunter River Lancer's Vice Regal Ball. The Ball Committee did not expect such distinguished company and made much of the little party. Ray Michell has shifted to Walgett from Tamworth, where he is working at the local R.S.L. Club.

Jack Hart of Corney Town, Lithgow, has had his wife in hospital for some time now, since she was operated on for a major heart operation. Whilst his wife was in hospital in Sydney Jack returned to Mum, who also lives at Lithgow. Jack's baby was cared for by his sister at Coogee. We sympathise with Jack in his trouble and hope that his wife will soon be restored in perfect health and reunited with Jack and the baby.

The annual reunion which was held at the Gallipoli Legion Club Rooms, Loftus St., on the night of November 11th, was one of the happiest reunions we have had to date. The numbers could have been higher, 120 attended, but the festivities were of such excellence that we anticipate a higher attendance next year.

We had the pleasure of the company of Malcolm Sinclair at the reunion. Malcolm is the President of the 30th Bn. A.I.F. Association which held its 30th Annual Reunion during November.

Highlight of the evening was the presentation to Alan Penfold and B.J. of Honorary Life Membership badges. In presenting the badge to Alan, B.J. touched upon the great service Alan had rendered to the Battalion by completing, in conjunction with Ken Crispin and Cliff Bayliss, a history of the Unit. It was a popular presentation and Alan thanked the members for their good wishes.

Arch Thorburn presented the badge to Black Jack and among other things mentioned that whereas the unit as a whole had once had no affection for the Old Man they had always regarded him, even in the days of the harshest discipline, with the greatest respect. During the last years (said Arch) B.J. had mellowed a lot but so had the rest of the Unit. In the process a deep affection had grown up in the members for B.J.

In reply the Old Man begged leave to reminisce and he recalled some of the highlights of our companionship together. He mentioned that by a strange coincidence the reunion was being held within 200 yards of where the old Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt was moored at Circular Quay. He spoke well and received the best wishes of all present.

Some old faces were missing this year but some new ones were evident, among them being Ron Ollis who has returned to New South Wales. Ron enjoyed the reunion. It was a pleasure to meet Curley Heckendorf again, not looking as well as we have known him but glad to be with his old cobbers for a night. Neil Huntley was down for the reunion and looks fairly fit. We asked him how his little boy was keeping and he replied that his "little boy" is now more than 6' tall and weighs as much as Neil, and can leave Neil for dead after a day's heavy work on the property.

Alan Penfold looked fit after his overseas holiday, and we met Ron Foster for the first time in years. Bob Newman from the banana country came down and Tommy Kennedy and a team from Newcastle arrived.

Terry Hickey made a spontaneous gesture which was much appreciated. He brought along, as a gift, a fantastic celluloid toy, which, worked by clockwork, did everything but lay an egg. He offered the toy as a gift for raffling and brought along a book of raffle tickets. The book contained one hundred tickets and at 2/- a ticket the Association benefited by ₤10. Jack Boss won the toy and would like to see the expressions on the faces of his two little girls when they see it in action on Christmas Day. Porkey Moore sold the raffle tickets. The gesture of Terry Hickey's was a most thoughtful one and was much appreciated by the Committee.

The appointments at the Gallipoli Legion Hall were everything that would be desired for a reunion. The kitchen was spotless, glasses and jugs were stacked, ready for use and any request for supplies or equipment was immediately attended to. The barmen, of course, make for a good evening and our own barman would be difficult to equal. Ron McBurney, Bluey McIver, Bob Jack and Doc Wilson just automatically take over as soon as they arrive, and from there on the beer flows as the boys require it. Our barman require no thanks for their effort but the lads realise that it would be a different reunion without them.

Vince Leonard and Monty Montgomery played the piano during the evening and at one stage played a dust which was really a pleasure to hear.

Summing up the reunion, the consensus of opinion was that it was one of the best for many years. If you were not there we hope to see you at our next so that your friends may enjoy your company. It is nice to be among friends and at the reunion a hundred of your own friends will greet you with affection. Don't miss the next one.

One mishap, after the reunion, detracted from the enjoyment of the evening. Snowy Stevens in his happiest form was walking across the road near the Legion Club with Eric Stone, Bill Ennis and others and was knocked down by a taxi-cab. His knee was broken and he was given a severe jolting and was taken to Sydney Hospital. His progress is satisfactory and we hope to see him around again soon. Snowy was as sober as a judge when hit by the taxi, it was one of those unfortunate accidents which happen every day in Sydney.

Members will rejoice with Bill Ennis and his wife on the birth of their third baby, a girl. Bill's wife is well and the baby promises to be a beauty like her mother.


We still have not all the information we would like on the function but as far as we know the reunion will be of ex 8th Division personnel of the Northern Rivers. The date has been set for Saturday, February 11th, and we gather that the lads will attend from near and far. The Old Man will be guest speaker and it is expected that a small team will accompany him to the reunion.

All members who can manage it are invited to make the journey. The cost of the weekend will not be small - the return plane fare being ₤16.0.0. Admission to the reunion will probably be ₤1 and hotel accommodation probably ₤2 or ₤3. The enjoyment of the weekend will of course be extreme.

The plane will leave Mascot Airport at 11.45 a.m. on Saturday, 11th February and depart from Casino at 2.30 p.m. on Sunday, 12th February.

Will those members who are interested in making the trip please ring Reg. Ellis or Stan Arneil to make a booking.


"I am greatly honoured to receive the Honorary Life Member's badge of our Association and thank my old Unit for it. We belong to a proud Unit and it is no less proud today as an Association. It will be my privilege to wear the badge with the same pride I always had when leading 2/30 Bn. on parade or anywhere else that our duty took us.

To all members the season's greetings  -  Good luck - God bless you all."


"As another year draws to its close may I extend to you, your wives and mothers and all members of your families best wishes for good health and happiness in the coming year.

May we keep alive the spirit of comradeship that has meant so much to us and with God's help go forward together in making our Association an even stronger force for good in our lives.

Reg Ellis, the Secretary, and the Committee join with B.J. and Arch in wishing you all a happy Christmas. We hope that those who have suffered ill fortune during the past year will see a better year during 1955-56. We hope that those who are riding the crest of the wave will remain there.

We thank you for your good wishes and support during the year and at this time.

Please forward cheques, money orders and postal notes to Reg. Ellis at Boronia Park. All money orders and postal notes, to be made payable at the G.P.O., SYDNEY.



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