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Circular No. 108
1st November, 1955

Official Organ of 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn


Dear Dig,

Bob Gibbs of "Mullah", Turrawan, was a victim of the February floods and has not lifted his head since. Bob is on the Namoi and took the precaution to shift his stock to higher ground with the result that he suffered no stock losses at all. However, every acre went under the flood and the water came to the floor boards of his house. Much of the topsoil disappeared leaving the ground heavily eroded. Bob's fences took off and it cost hundreds of pounds and tremendous effort to replace them. Earlier in the year Bob and wife toured the North Coast and stopped one night with Ross Madden of Armidale, Bob and Ross were both members of 8 Platoon, "A" Coy. We are indebted to Mrs. Gibbs for the information, it being so long since Bob took pen to paper that he has forgotten how to write his own name.

Tom Davis of Coff's Harbour is well. He took a run up to Binna Burra earlier in the year to have a yarn with Ossie Jackson and to see some of your friends in that district.

Jack Korn has changed his address to Lismore. Jack was married some time ago, one of the last of our lads in his district to forsake the bachelor state. A team of the boys, including Harley Forester, Jack Newman, Norm Lee and Bob Newman stood guard around the church so that Jack couldn't escape, but now that Jack has been eating well prepared meals for a few months he wonders why he remained a bachelor for so long.

Les Thorne who was a butcher at Comboyne has decided to shift to the bright lights for a spell and is camping at Wahroonga. Les is looking forward to the opportunity of attending our reunions and other functions.

Les Southwell of Canberra sent his subscription along some time ago, but forgot to include any news with his letter.

Jack Brooks, ex "A" Coy, lives at Goulburn where he works as a builder's labourer. Jack has not enjoyed good health for years, but has settled down now to the simple life and intends to remain at Goulburn permanently. Horrie Cody visited Goulburn last summer to spend a few days with his brother, Bully and, as Jack lives quite close, they enjoyed a few days reunion. The visit made such an impression on Jack that he is looking forward to a repeat performance this year when Horrie arrives at Goulburn again.

Lew Cohen of Leichhardt spent a holiday at Boggabri a few months ago and during that time renewed acquaintance with Wal Eather of Tamworth.

Extract from A.B.C. News Service - 7th October, 1955

"The Prime Minister, Mr. Menzies, said last night it was impossible to forecast at the moment the extent of Australia's share of the proceeds of the sale of former Japanese assets or when this money would become available for distribution.

Mr. Falkinder, Liberal, Tasmania, had asked the Prime Minister could he confirm or deny strong rumours current among ex-prisoners-of-war associations that further payments would be made to them very soon. Mr. Menzies said the situation was that the Japanese Government some  months ago paid four and a half million pounds sterling to the International Committee of the Red Cross in full settlement of its obligations under Article Sixteen of the Japanese Peace Treaty.

In addition to this sum the Red Cross also held two and a half million United States dollars paid to it under an agreement between Thailand, the United States of America and the United Kingdom on Japanese assets in Thailand, which was signed on the 30th July, 1953. The Red Cross could not distribute these monies as it had not yet completed its check of the lists of former prisoners of war submitted to it by the countries concerned.

Mr. Menzies added that there was another difficulty in that although the Philippines had submitted a complete list of former prisoners of war it had not yet ratified the Peace Treaty, while Indonesia had neither ratified the Treaty nor submitted lists of former prisoners.

Australia, in common with the other nations that had completed their claims was rendering the Red Cross all possible assistance in an effort to resolve the difficulties as soon as possible.

Mr. Menzies gave an assurance that as soon as these monies became available there would be no delay whatever in making a final distribution to prisoners of war."

The Association expresses its thanks to Mr. Charles Clayton for another generous gift, this time ₤10. Mr. Clayton who is a Life Member of the Association is a keen reader of "Makan" and was disturbed at the loss of capital we incurred last year. On the matter of last year's deficit we received many donations to the fund but the Committee decided that ex members of the unit would prefer to remain anonymous.

In September, B. J. spent a few days at Surfer's Paradise and met Vince O'Reilly ex "A" Coy. who came sixty miles to see him. Vince wishes to be remembered to all his friends and of course that means all the Company as Vince and his cobber, Tom Aspinall (not THE ASPINALL) were two of the most popular boys in the Company. Vince is a family man now and promises that one day he will get to the reunion. We hope that we receive reasonable notice of his visit if ever he can get down as a lot of people in the city would like to see him again.

Bernie McMahon has shifted to Tenterfield where he is managing the National Bank of A/asia. Bernie was transferred to Tenterfield from Rockdale.

Arthur Purdon of Tenambit is making caravans, at the rate of two per week. Arthur is not in good health.

Reg Ellis recently motored to Brisbane with his wife Bess an a holiday trip. They travelled north via the New England Highway and returned by the Coast Road. Reg has glowing reports of the spirit of the Unit which prevails among our Northern friends, everywhere he went he was welcomed with open arms. At Tamworth he walked into the local school to interrupt Wal Eather who was belting the lights out of one of his pupils. At Gloucester he met Tom Dare who has sold his cafe and is working as a builder's carpenter. Reg says that Ossie Jackson’s store at Binna Burra is an attempt to imitate Anthony Hordern's as Os stocks everything from a needle to an anchor. Highlights of the tour was a gathering at Brisbane at which Ron Chipps, Len Hendy, Jasper Parry, Col O'Donnell and Harry Riches attended. The gathering was at one of the local inns and was as you would expect. Later the party transferred to a Chinese eating house where Col O'Donnell tried to fight a photographer who wanted to take a snap of the party. Reg says that Col O'Donnell's home at St. Lucia is a dream home in Hollywood style. It was apparently a good trip as Reg has not stopped talking of it yet.


We have no further details of the Lismore Reunion, to be held next February. We hope to have something for you in the next Makan.


On November 11th an Annual reunion will be held at the Gallipoli Legion Club Rooms, Loftus Street, Sydney. The club is only a few yards from Circular Quay and is in a prominent position. This will be our last reminder to you of this reunion and we ask that you make a note of the date and place now and that you ring your unit cobbers immediately in order that the attendance will be of the highest. The club rooms are ideal for the reunion and we anticipate that the service will be everything to be desired. There will of course be ample quantities of mead, indeed it has always been the policy of the Unit that the ale must not run out whilst thirsty men desire to drink it.

The charge for the reunion will be 15/- a head in accordance with the resolution passed at the last Annual General Meeting but if any member is unable to pay that much a telephone call to Arch Thorburn, Reg Ellis or the Secretary will enable you to come along and none will be the wiser.

This is a special reunion at which the Unit will present to B. J. a gold Life Membership badge as a token of the esteem with which we hold him. Alan Penfold will also receive the badge which was to have been presented to him at the Last Annual General Meeting.

Please forward cheques, money orders and postal notes to Reg Ellis at Boronia Park. All money orders and postal notes to be made payable at the G.P.O. Sydney.



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