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Circular No. 106
1st September, 1955

Official Organ of 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn


Dear Dig,

We welcome to the Association Dick Fisher, ex "A" Coy, who dropped out of sight after the war. Dick was a seaman prior to enlistment, but foresook the sea when he happened to pass through a little town called by the delightful name of LEMON TREE PASSAGE. He liked the place so much that he stopped there and is content to remain. The other 48% of the population (50 souls all told in Lemon Tree Passage) are all nice people and most of them agree that the whiting thereabouts are the best on the coast. We hope to see Dick at our next reunion.

Nugent Geike shifted his entourage from the Eastern Suburbs to Woolwich some months ago. He decided that the strain of dodging to work through the traffic at Dover Heights and Rushcutters Bay was shortening his span of life to such a degree that it appeared that there would not be enough time left for him to get the full value from a five years subscription to the National Geographic Magazine, which he won in a sixpenny raffle two years ago. His neighbours were glad to see him go anyway, as they had to put up with an hour's solid cursing every time he was delayed on the way home and that was every night. At Woolwich the peace and quiet can almost be felt, whilst the ferry ride to work each morning is a tonic in itself. Nugent and wife bought a very old home surrounded with trees and with great joy they have planned a long term project for the garden. They are both enthusiastic gardeners and in a few years the results should give a spectacular show. Geike’s new address is Woolwich.

Phil Paget is living at Villawood. He remembers to send his subscription along but forgets to add any news.

Clarrie Burgess, ex "A" Coy. is living at Milsons Point. We have not seen Clarrie for some time now but we hope that his luck has taken a turn for the better; Clarrie has had a very bad spin for some years.

Sid Hennessy is one of the latest of our members to transfer to Life Membership. You all know Sid; one of his particular likes is to play with Chinese babies and each time we go to the Eastern Cafe in Dixon Street, he manages to find one on the premises.

Two new members of the Association are Les Welch, who was a Don. R, with us, and Stan Bruce, who was the postal corporal. We have no news of these two chaps but will probably see them at the next reunion.

Des Gee, ex HQ. Carrier P1., writes to say that he is happily married and is living in his own home at Moonee Ponds, Victoria. Des and his wife enjoyed a honeymoon by caravan, going right up into the Riverina district by way of Swan Hill. Their new home overlooks the Moonee Valley Race Course, so some members may have an idea of their locality.

Jack Salisbury also ex "A" Coy, has returned to the city and is now living at Canterbury. His letter is rather amusing, part of it reading as follows:

"I have returned to city life and to my old job with East Bros. The firm for whom I previously worked ran into a spot of trouble and finally had to come and dig me from my nest.

From a good source I have heard that Joe Haggart may be sighted at Fay's Pub, Marrickville on Friday nights. Our old friend Fred Bladwell drinks there too, so I'm told.

"A" Coy. fellows will remember Joe as one of the fastest men to ever grace a table also perhaps the smartest man in the A.I.F. off parade each evening. He was dressed ready for town before most of us had our shirts off.

Know anyone wanting to buy a house? Mine's for sale at Tahmoor. Bumped into Snowy Stevens a couple of nights back; I didn't have to ask Snow for any news, I got it all in very quick time. After about ten minutes during which time I'd found out he was playing cricket for a pastime I got a word in and told him that that’s just what I'd been playing and enjoying. Beyond saying "See you later Snow'." I think that's all I said. He hasn't changed a bit.

Anyone wishing to contact me can find me at East Bros., MX1481. I will be able to help anyone who wants to play golf.

By the way, young Derek Smith of "A” Coy. is still alive and kicking, he now has three lovely daughters."

Darby Young is now living at Coff's Harbour. His newsy letter is also too good to precis. He writes:

“As you can see from the above address I an now living at Coff's Harbour. We are at last out of flood reach. This is quite a relief after having to move our goods and chattels 5 times in 5 years.

I was at Woolgoolga recently and sank a few beers with Bob Newman and Norm Lee. A photo of Tommy Lee hanging on the wall of the R.S.L. Club took me back a few years. Spent a couple of days at Dorrigo this week and noticed Max Freeman's name in the list of World War II casualties. It was amazing how clearly the mental picture of Max came back to me on this occasion. I had intended calling on Gerry Bailey on my way back from Dorrigo. However, Gerry and his wife and two of his children boarded the bus at Bellingen, so I travelled through to Raleigh with them and had quite a yarn. Gerry had decided to go down and see the Frenchmen play in the test. His wife is a charming person. She seemed to be amazed by the way the 2/30th chaps stick together. I was very pleased to meet them. Had a bit of a night with Tommy Davis recently here in Coffs."---


We regret to tell you that your former comrade George Gallard, died towards the end of July. George was a T.B. sufferer and had battled on for years against the disease. He died in the ambulance on the way from his home to the hospital. George, who was a Don. Coy. lad, was very popular in the unit and he counted all the 2/30th in his district as his friends. They all turned out for his funeral and placed a purple and gold wreath on his casket. Harry Teasdale, Ossie Jackson, Ernie Stratford, Ernie McNiven, Tom Grant and Kingie Martin attended the funeral. The wreath was made by Ossie's wife. George was to have been buried from the Baptist Church at Murwillumbah, but the crowd was so great that the service was held in the larger Presbyterian Church. George was a good fellow, he will not be forgotten whilst 2/30th men are still alive.


The Reunion date, November 11th is drawing closer and from correspondence received we hope that it will be the biggest yet. We expect a big contingent from Newcastle this year and from other districts. The reunion will be held at the Gallipoli Legion Clubrooms, Loftus Street, Sydney.

Please forward cheques, money orders and postal notes to Reg. Ellis at Boronia Park. All money orders and postal notes to be made payable at the G.P.O., SYDNEY.



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