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Circular No. 105
1st August, 1955

Official Organ of 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn


Dear Dig,

Charlie Taylor, a Don Company personality, was in town for a few days recently. He still has the same hearty laugh which booms out with such a roar that jaded city workers step back hastily as they come within hearing distance. Charlie is very fit and rejoices in the possession of two children, a boy and a girl.

Doc Wilson has a new home at West Ryde and a new baby in the house, also a son John, to keep his little brother company. Doc's house is a trifle upset at the moment as his young wife has been confined to bed since the birth of the baby and will be incapacitated for sometime. It is only now that Doc is realising that a well run house rests squarely on the shoulders of the mother and Doc's house has been very shaky since he took over the management of it. On the lighter side we are pleased to hear that the eldest baby has practically all its baby teeth. Doc wasn't too sure but found out by feeling inside the baby's mouth with his finger. The local G.P. did a remarkable job on Doc's finger and it should be usable in a few months, but of course, will always be heavily scarred.

Members will sympathise with Vic Gordon on the recent death of his father. Vic Gordon himself was a very colourful personality in our unit, but whereas Vic was a name in our Unit, his old Dad left his mark on countless Units and Battalions extending well back into the last century. He was a full Colonel, trained in the British Regular Army as a Cavalry Officer. Small and fiery, he saw active service in the Matabele Rebellion in Africa and later in the Boer War. He saw active service in World War I and held a Staff position during World War II. His long and distinguished career earned him a D.S.O., V.D. and he will be remembered by thousands of young men who were lucky enough to serve with him and under his command.

Speaking of Vic himself, he popped in to see me for a few minutes, and after he had gone I asked the lass who works with me what impression Vic had made on her. With a flash of her brown eyes, she replied "He looks rather virile, doesn't he".

Phil Bailey, ex H.Q. Company was in Sydney recently organising a Reunion of 8th Division personnel to be held at LITHGOW, on Saturday, August 20th, at 8.00 p.m. The reunion promises to be an enjoyable one, the R.S.L. at Lithgow intend to make a big effort to ensure its success.

Keith Stevens and others of the Concert party have promised to attend and you will meet many of your friends there if you make the trip. Cost of the reunion will be ₤1.1.0 per head and this charge will cover food and refreshments. Enquiries should be made to PHIL BAILEY, WALLERAWANG. Bed and Breakfast in the local hotels is approximately ₤1 per head.

We received Alf Harding's five shilling subscription recently, from his mother. We are not sure whether the wretched Alf is too LAZY to write himself, or whether he takes the opportunity of beating Mum for the five shilling piece, but we hope that the practice will continue because his mother is a delightful character and with a wit all of her own. Alf's mother has just passed her fiftieth wedding anniversary and we extend the congratulations of our members on this fortunate anniversary.

Rather late in the year but still interesting enough is a news item from Alex Dandie of a rather cosy little reunion last April. It was a reunion of members of "J" Force, a Force which had some strange adventures and which, by reason of its small size became a very clannish group. There were fifty of our unit on "J" Force and of a total of twenty three who attended the reunion there were six of the 2/30th, Alex Dandie, Sid Grounds, Blair Taylor, Henry West, Stan Black and Lindsay Boys.

Speaking of Reunions, we remind you of our next Annual Reunion, which will be hold at the Gallipoli Legion Club in Loftus St., Sydney. Loftus Street is right at Circular Quay and is a very easy place to find. The Gallipoli Legion Club Rooms are ideal for reunions (said Noel Johnston after a personal inspection) and we should have a very happy night there. We have held our reunions in various places in the last few years with the attendance rising to the 160 mark and falling to 110 persons. This year we hope to eclipse our record and welcome over 160 persons. You are urged to mark the date on your calendar now, and not only bring yourself but bring your friends. This will be the tenth annual reunion since the return of the unit to Australia and the fourteenth year of the Association. It is a far cry back to the inaugural meeting of the Association at the Concert Hall, Changi, in 1943, and although the numbers are depleted the spirit of comradeship is still as strong. When the Association was formed in 1943, Black Jack was voted our patron and has remained so from that day. We have disagreed with his views on many occasions since that day and his popularity waxed and waned according to the stringent measures which he took to keep us alive and to keep our temporary masters at bay. One thing which didn't influence him however, was our opinion of him personally, and when a man can strive for an ideal without being affected by outside popularity, he at least shows that he is a man of strength. The Old Gentleman is a man of strength but with the years he has mellowed and his favourite pastime now is to meet members of his former Unit and to enjoy a joke against himself.

On the occasion of the next reunion he will be presented with a gold Life Membership Badge from the members of the Unit as a token of the esteem with which we, as a Unit, hold him. The Committee request you to make every effort to attend, so that the maximum number of members possible will participate in the presentation. Make your plans now for the biggest reunion we have held since 1945.

Jack Stone, of Taree, wrote some months ago that Harry Griffis is engaged to be married. He also wrote that Harold Hogan has been in hospital during the last two months. Jack lives in the same district as Lyle Powys and Pat Flanagan, and meets  them quite frequently.

The Council of the 8th Division has requested us to notify members that they are sponsoring an 8th Division Reunion Ball at Victoria Barracks on 19th August. Cost per single ticket will be ₤2.2.0 this to include drinks and supper. Formal dress with miniatures. Reservations BU.1260. Our Association is not affiliated with the Council and will not be officially represented.

Les Perry and family are now living at Ararat, Victoria. Les was previously working for Seppelts, the Wine and Spirit firm, and as part of the job resided in a very comfortable brick home, owned by the firm. Unfortunately, the home possessed all the amenities with the exception of a permanent water supply and the tank water ran very low, just after the arrival of their first baby, last October. It was too much for Les, carting water during the hot summer months, and he made the move to his new district without regrets. He is at the moment working on the Sportsground, at Ararat, which is considered one of the best outside Melbourne, and had the extreme good fortune to obtain a War Service Home.

Rex Rowe, who is the local Magistrate at Balranald, is quite a figure in the town and has been elected President of the local R.S.L. for the second year in succession. Rex is always keen to see any of the Unit who pass through the district, although it is said that anybody who goes to Balranald goes there by mistake and not by intention. Curley Heckendorf, who recently stopped by there, confirms one fact anyhow, and that is that the beer is good at Balranald.

Please forward cheques, money orders and postal notes to Reg Ellis at Boronia Park. All money orders and postal notes to be made payable at the G.P.O. SYDNEY.



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