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Circular No. 104
1st July, 1955

Official Organ of 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn


Dear Dig,

Alan Penfold is realising the ambition of a lifetime in his enjoyment of a trip to Britain and the Continent. He and his wife are enjoying every minute of their trip and he has written of some of his impressions for us.

"....In lieu of Anzac Day in Sydney I attended the Ceremony at the Cenotaph in Whitehall. There was no organisation that I could find - there was a small notice 'N.Z. Troops' on a stick and same for 'Great Britain' but I could not see any for 'Aussie'. However, the service was short and simple. The R.A.F. Band attended - 'Last Post' and 'Reveille' were sounded and wreaths were laid. High Commissioners were there and many Australian Army, Navy and R.A.A.F. Officers of high rank - mostly much overloaded with gold braid. In fact they looked as overfed as they looked overloaded.

Being interested in Ceremonial I have often seen the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and at the Horse Guards Parade. The weather has been good but I have been dogged by heavy clouds on each occasion I have tried to take colour photographs there. So I always have a an excuse to go back and each time I try to imagine what sort of a job the Aussie Guard made of it at Coronation time in 1953. The highlight of our trip to England was the disaster of the Greek ship 'Jason' sinking in distress in the Mediterranean as 'Strathedon' arrived to help and seeing its crew rescued and then drowned, together with most of the P. & O. Life Boat Crew in front of our eyes, not 200 yards from the ship, when the lifeboat was swamped and sank. A poor show.

We have seen many of the usual sights for visitors in London, but an entertainment highlight was the 'Jimmy Edwards' show at the Adelphi, and seeing Richard Farrell and Joan Hammond perform at the Albert Hall and the Ballet at Covent Garden. The South of England, Devon and Sussex is fine, the fields are green and all over the place are tulips and daffodils - but a favourite flower bed is 2/30 colours, the purple Aubretha and the golden daffodil..."

Lloyd Stuart's Mother has come good again with a letter and Lloyd's current subs. She writes that Lloyd and his wife are quite well and are both still playing good golf, having won quite a number of trophies recently.

Bertie Farr sent along subs for several years, with the comment that if another depression comes he will still be able to read "MAKAN" whilst standing in the queue at the dole office. However, Bert is a long way from depression days, having qualified as an Accountant since the war and holding down a responsible position.

Shorty Hart of Essendon, W5, Victoria, sends greetings to his friends in the Unit.

Brian Hayes of "Avondale", Carroll via Gunnedah, also sends greetings through the kindness of his wife, Anne.

Jacko Jackson is still a keen golfer and has now been elected as handicapper at the local (Chatswood) R.S.L. Golf Club. He frequently meets your friends Bill Dainton and Harry Head, who live in the district.

Jack Ellis' wife Val, of Binaroo, Ootha (what a ghastly name), writes that the Long Fellow is keeping fairly well, although measles, of all diseases, floored him some time back. The Ellis' have three daughters, the latest six months old and very much like her Dad. Ernie Willis is a frequent visitor to the Ellis' and of course they still keep in close touch with Cyril Pluis.

In the far off days of tender memory I once had the privilege of falling down two flights of stairs at the Tudor Hotel, in company with Messrs. Ellis, Willis and Pluis and how any of us survived is a mystery to this day. That incident occurred many years, ago, before the 27th Brigade sailed to save Australia. Ernie Ross was in the district for a visit last October and the Ellis' report that he looks fitter than he has for some years. At the time of writing, early in March, there had been 500 points of rain in the Ootha district in two months.

Jim Walshe of Waverley is prompt with his subs but slow with his news. We will probably run him to earth at the next Reunion.

Bruce Ford is also tardy with news, although he does record that Edgar Dengate is building a cottage for the Bank of N.S.W. at Tamworth. Bruce is attached to that Branch of the Bank and is its Accountant.

The Association will endeavour to maintain a closer relationship with the 30th Bn. Militia with whom we are militarily related. "Red Fox" Macauley will make the liaison for us.

Reg Napper is a Warrant Officer in the North Shore Regiment, part of which rendered assistance to the local population at Singleton during the recent floods. Reg had a very personal interest in the work of flood rescue as his wife was visiting her Mother at Singleton during the recent floods and both were trapped in there when it was isolated. Reg was camped with the Unit on a hill outside Singleton and saw the devastation which was taking place, without being able to render assistance in any form. When the waters finally subsided enough for the Army to enter the town Reg, found that his wife and her Mother had spent some days in the local courthouse and were none the worse for their adventure. During the clean-up operations which took some time, Reg met Jackie Fell who arrived with a team of miners to render assistance.

Porky Moore has not been too well lately, but will be around at the next Reunion.


The next Annual Reunion will be held at the Gallipoli Legion Club Rooms, Loftus Street, Sydney on 11th November. The charge will be 15/- in accordance with the resolution passed at the last Annual General Meeting. Make a note of the date and try to make it our biggest Reunion ever.

Annual subs are due now. Please forward cheques, money orders and postal notes to Reg Ellis at Boronia Park. All orders and postal notes to be made payable at the G.P.O. SYDNEY.



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