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Circular No. 102
1st May, 1955

Official Organ of 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn


Dear Dig,

The Annual re-union of 8th Division at Lismore is a very popular affair and Ernie Stratford has written the following snippets of news for us, culled from observations there:

"Ossie Jackson had almost all his section there including Norm Lee, Harry Teasdale, Jack Newman, Tom Gardner and Ernie Stratford.

Harley Forrester turned up as fat as a man can get. He is working at the sawmill at Maclean.

Bob Newman and Jackie Clune, both in the best of health, went fishing the next day with Fred Winters. Fred by the way, lives around Grafton.

Norm Watkins, Tommy Grant and Ron Sweeney came along whilst Ron Chipps and Harry Riches drove down from Brisbane in Ron's car. Ron has put on the beef.

Jack Newman has lost some flesh recently. Jack is an A1 cook for a gang of cane cutters.

Harry Teasdale is on a farm at Armidale. Norm Lee has bananas at Woolgoolga.

Alf Jones, Norm Wilson and Bob Newman of H.Q. Company had quite an evening of it. Norm is another of the fat boys now.

Jack Matthews is the father of six kiddies and looked to be the fittest of the whole reunion.

Arty Powers is working for the P.M.G. Alf Carroll is living at Kyogle.

Russ Mackie and Fred Arnett turned up this time. Russ is still the family man, Fred has his own carrying business at Mt. Mooball.

Bluey Robertson and Stan Scarrabellotti also arrived. Stan, who was attached to the Unit at Mt. Pleasant, has a farm at Mullumbimby. Keith Richardson has a banana plot just out of Lismore."

That's the news of others from Ernie Stratford and we think that it was the most useful letter written to us for some time. Ernie is still managing the Main Arm Meat Pavilion just 5 miles out of Mullumbimby on a bitumen road.

Jack North, formerly of West Wyalong, has decided to try his luck in the city for a time and is living at Kippax Street, Sydney.

Don Sutherland of Bowen, North Queensland, works for the Queensland Government Railways in that district. Don has two boys and a girl now.

Information would be appreciated from anybody who knew Private Thomas Busine, who died on the Railway somewhere about the 55 Kilo mark. He was not of our unit but some of our A Force chaps would have met him before he died. Any information would be appreciated by Les Hall at YLO-322 Ext. 355.

Many members will be surprised to know that a group of members of the old 2/30 Bn. Comforts Fund still meet each month. Many of the Mothers lost sons overseas but they follow with interest the news of the remaining members of the unit. The little group has been together now for fifteen years.


A report of these two functions will be made in next months Makan.

Please forward cheques, money orders and postal notes to Reg Ellis at Boronia Park. All money orders and postal notes to be made payable at the G.P.O., SYDNEY.




I appreciate the honour you have shown me. I shall endeavour to be a worthy successor to Jim Cooper, who has at all times stood so high in our esteem and affection.    

There will be no changes in the policy of the Association so far as I am concerned - there may be changes of emphasis. You will be kept advised of the Battalion activities through the Makan as always.

Speaking of the Makan, we all agree that this monthly publication is the life blood of the Association. A suggestion that it be reduced to a two-monthly issue was ferociously destroyed at the Annual Meeting. I believe rightly so.

Something else that emerged at the Meeting was that Stan was having difficulty in gathering sufficient material to write a full Makan each month. Stan and Reg Ellis do a mighty job in keeping in touch with so many, winnowing the wheat from the chaff and letting us have monthly accounts of our mates' activities.

Stan is not a magician. He could not even flog his shirt at the 'drome without being caught. He cannot write about your activities and mine unless you and I or someone else gives him the facts. Get him the facts. He will leaven them with his Irish wit and charm and serve them up in a way that will continue to make the Makan the most wanted reading matter of the month.

If you hear of anything of even a minor nature happening in which any member of the Battalion is engaged, concerned or interested, directly or indirectly, tell Stan. Do it while it is fresh in your mind. Ring him at home at XJ.5453. Better still drop him a line.

Here is a message to the wives. You probably read the Makan before your husband. You write to Stan and tell him about your family doings. Members are always bragging about the charming and gracious wives they have. Show us you are even more than this - help us to keep the Makan going.

All bodies such as our Association either progress or retrogress - they never remain stationary. We have gone through too much together to contemplate a retrogression. Let us go forward together.


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