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Makan No. 100
1st March, 1955

Official Organ of 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn


Dear Dig,

Alan Penfold and his wife are at the moment enjoying themselves in style on the Strathedon, en route to England. They plan to remain until July and will see as much of the Continent as possible during their stay. Prior to their departure, they attended the wedding of your friend Alf Hyem, who married a very charming young lady early in January. Ken Crispin and Alan offered to plot a course for Alf for a honeymoon trip but Alf decided to go his own way, remembering that the last time he accepted their lead he finished up behind the Japanese lines and had to find his own feet. Alf is now living at Beverly Hills and we hope to have news of them from time to time.

The rapid increase in Jack Black's family is continuing, this time, the third baby being a very tough boy. Jack's wife is well, and is proud of the new addition. Jack is fairly affluent, we think, as he runs a new Holden and is clothed at all times like a well dressed Chinaman.

All the lads are not finding the going easy, as instanced by Bert Welch, who has lost a lot of money at North Arm, on the North Coast, waiting for rain. When his wife wrote in January, she said that the property was crying out for rain so badly, that Bert had turned the cows on to some of his corn paddocks. We hope that things turn out well for them. Farmers have a habit of hanging on and coming good at the finish and we hope that Bert makes up all his loses quickly.

Jack Hart, one of our mining fraternity, is still living at Lithgow but has left the mines and is working at the Small Arms Factory there. Jack is one of the hardest workers we have ever met and the property he has bought shows evidence of his efforts. He is married and has a baby son seven months old.

Sid Grounds writes that he, his little wife and the baby are all well but that the baby is by far the liveliest of the three. He is in his own home at South Hurstville, and one of his more interesting hobbies is tasting the local home brews. Sid is an expert taster and his opinions are sought after.

Bob Wells of Don Company is living at East Gresford and is very pleased with his new baby, Margaret.

Jack Korn has changed his address to Lismore which he is using as a base camp until his forthcoming marriage. It has taken a long time to snare this young gentleman but now he is in hook line and sinker and is looking forward to settling down. Jack is still doing his best to keep the railways in good order and condition an the North Coast.

Ray Michell is a steward at the Golf Club, Tamworth, and is taking things easy for a spell. Both he and his wife are well, but they feel that a rest for a little while is due to them. Ray's brother, George, is a grazier at Limbri, and like most graziers, he is not short of a few cents. George has excelled himself in other ways too as he has three kiddies, two boys and a girl. Ray writes that Wal Eather married off his oldest daughter in great style in December. The daughter was more than ordinarily good looking, according to Ray, and the wedding attracted a great deal of interest in the town, but Wally, playing the part of the dignified parent in the grand manner, also took some of the honours.

Hank Massey received an excellent present from his wife on their wedding anniversary on the 21st February, a new baby daughter, Sally Anne. This makes four babies and that's a handful in any person's language. Thelma Massey is well and looking forward to life with this newest addition.

Alec Campbell, who has dropped out of circulation to some extent, was sighted recently on his way to school at West Parramatta. Alec is keeping well, apparently, although we have no other news than that.

Harry Griffis of Taree works in the local Post Office and is only now recovering from the Christmas rush. He writes that Ray Godbolt's father is in Taree Hospital following a very nasty car accident some months ago, which resulted in his losing one leg with complications to the other one. We hope that Ray's father makes a recovery soon and that he will be able to resume a normal life without too much handicap. Jock McDougal made a habit of dropping in to see Harry whilst he was on the road but has now been transferred to the city.

Reg Nossiter is living at Concord. No other news of Reg.

Russ Mackie of "Killara," Clunes, is one of the latest of our Lifers. Russ doesn't write to anybody now, he says that he is just bone lazy. However, he is a keen Association man and follows the events of his friends with interest.

Monty Montgomery is building a garage for his new Standard 8 which he purchased last October. He recommends them as a good little car and has had a lot of fun from it. Stan Lugton recently spent an enjoyable two days with him.

Vince Leonard is a patient at Yaralla and will be there for some time. He has not been well, but that did not prevent him from making Dadda Duprez's ward the first port of call after his admittance. Dadda is still making good progress and is now at the stage where he is able to write a letter. He is very grateful for the letters and cards which he has received but it would be too much for him to answer then all. His letter to Reg Ellis will take the place of individual replies.


Several letters were received asking for the Annual Ball this year and, if enough interest can be roused, then one will be held. To run the Ball successfully we require a group of people who will be prepared to manage the whole show, including the making of a personal canvass of likely starters. Experience has shown that it is not enough, to arrange a date and place and to rely on the Makan to bring in the dancers. A personal canvass would require to be made to ensure a good attendance as so many of our once free and easy couples are now tied down by the cares of children and other domestic issues which were not present some years ago when the Balls were such an outstanding success. If any members or their wives consider that they can make a success of a Ball than we are most happy for them to try.


We hope to hold the Annual General Meeting for this year at the Eastern Cafe on Friday night, 22nd April. Do not take the date as quite definite but we hope that this will be a suitable time, one which would perhaps be convenient also for those country folk who come to the city for the Anzac Day March. Further particulars in next month’s Makan.

Tommy Davis is rejoicing in the birth of a baby girl as a companion to his three years old son. Tommy works at the Ambulance Station at Coff's Harbour and, during the Christmas period, the Station conducted the largest Woodchop Carnival ever held in a country town in this country. The prize money amounted to 800 and, as Secretary and Treasurer, Tommy was holding 2,600 at one stage. The Carnival was very successful and resulted in a profit of 700 for the Station. Tom lives fairly close to Percy Chis with Bn. H.Q. and who is now a school teacher about four miles out of Coffs. Ben Pearce of Sawtell has been in hospital for some time recently and is still far from well, though he is back on the farm. Bill Lamping is another who has spent some time in hospital recently. He was in Yaralla for an operation to his foot but is quite recovered now.



Please forward all cheques, money orders and postal notes to Reg Ellis at Boronia Park. All money orders and postal notes to be made payable at G.P.O. Sydney.

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