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Makan - No. 67
1st June, 1952

Official Organ of the 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn


Dear Dig,

We have such a lot to tell you at the moment that we will not be able to finish our report on the General Meeting until next month. However, continuing from our last Makan:


You will remember that the Executive had hoped that Sammy Hall, our accredited Welfare Officer would be acceptable to the Trustees of- the above Fund to investigate any claim made by members of` Unit. They arrived at this opinion because of the precedent of the working arrangements of the Canteen Services Trust Fund which allows certain organisations, e.g. R.S.L. to make investigations on behalf of applicants. Well, the Executive were wrong and the Old Man was right, and in an Official reply from the Trustees we have been informed that all investigations, if any are required, will be conducted by the Trustees themselves. We are not sure how the Trustees will manage their investigations as the headquarters of the Fund is in Melbourne, we believe, and ex-P.O.W.(J) are scattered throughout the length and breadth of Australia. However, how they manage the fund is not our business, and all we can do is to urge you all to make a claim on the fund if possible, as there are very few ex-P.O.W.(J) who are not suffering some after effects from the war. Above all, do not let the embarrassing nature of the questions asked to deter you from completing the form and returning it to the address as soon as possible.


We can tell you of the March in a few words. Our unit did not participate as those in charge of the March very sensibly cancelled it whilst it was still in progress. It was an extremely wet and cold day, and no useful purpose would have been served by allowing the marchers to become soaked and cold as many of them did. We will be on deck next year, and hope for better weather. "Red Fox" Macauley came over from Adelaide just for the March, only to be disappointed. Perhaps he may be able to make one of the reunions some year.

The Annual General Meeting was an OCCASION. There were about forty members present and for all of them it was a most enjoyable night. It is a mystery to most of the regulars why the Annual Meeting is not better patronised because it is without a doubt one of the cosiest little reunions one could wish for.

The Meeting was held at the Officers’ Mess at the Arncliffe Drill Hall on the 18th April. Jimmy Cooper was in the chair and he opened the meeting with a nice little speech, not too long and not too brief (like a flapper’s frock! just long enough to cover the subject but short enough to be interesting) - in which he welcomed those present, particularly those who had travelled long distances to be there. Among the latter were Bob Dickson of Newcastle, Jimmy Strang, of Berry, and others whose names elude me.

After Jimmy sat down the Secretary read the minutes followed by an adoption-of the Annual Report which all members had previously received. The Financial Report and Balance Sheet were then thrown open for-discussion and up jumped Tom Bowden, who quizzed the Executive on the cost of the Banner, which appears in the Balance Sheet at 25. The high cost of the Banner was apparently too much for Tom, but as Jimmy Cooper pointed out it would be impossible for one to purchase any banner now for 25, it would be more likely to be 55. Some other members then quoted the case of the local Band of Hope or the Buffs who had paid 50 for a banner, and Tom was partly satisfied. It was-a good diversion and put us all in the right frame of mind to discuss the PRISONERS OF WAR TRUST FUND. The discussion on this subject was fully reported in last months Makan. There were two other motions put forward and there was a lot of fun afterwards, but it will have to wait until next month as we have a lot of personal news which has been lagging for over a month.

Les Southwell is still at Canberra where his one leg is no deterrent to a life of hard work. Les is well and happy.

Dave Clarke, on holiday recently, met Tommy Dare at Gloucester. Tommy used to have a cafe there, probably still has as he always takes a few hour's off when a 30th man passes through.

Shorty Hart of Moreland, N.13, Victoria, is building his own house. He is as well as can be expected, but finds house building during the weekends a long and tedious job.

Derek Smith, the little fellow with the big smile, is doing well at Bargo. Arthur Buckingham, of Lakemba is our newest Life Member. He recently enjoyed a holiday at Tuggerah Lakes where he met Harry Brennan. Harry is working at the local butchery at Long Jetty and in his spare time is building his own home. He is married and has a small son.

Arthur Meadows, ex B. Coy., was sighted recently in town. He appeared to be fit and fairly prosperous.

Arthur Isaac of Bankstown, sent along his subs but forgot to include any news, The. last time we saw Ikey he was deep in the middle of a course in plumbing. No doubt by this time he is a qualified plumber, and he probably will not thank us for telling you because most plumbers are months behind with their orders. However, he probably wouldn't refuse to work for any of our chaps and we cannot think of anybody who would be more reliable than old Ikey.

Teddy Lutz, our baseball player recently moved to Yanderra, N.S.W.

Darby Young has been on relieving duties for the Forestry Commission in various parts of the State for eight months but is now home at Kempsey. During his travels he met Harry Griffis holding up the bar at Taree and whilst in Sydney he visited Yaralla Hospital to see any of our fellows who were there at the time. Any of the lads who pass through Kempsey should call at the Forestry Commission office and renew acquaintance with him. Jack Heatley, who spent twelve months in Tasmania, returned to Sydney recently and went straight into Concord Hospital where he remained for about three months. Jack has not had good health since we returned to Australia. You will all remember Jock McKenzie, the great big fellow from H.Q. Coy. Transport who was as strong as five men, and whose brogue took five men to understand it. Jock is share-farming down Narrandera way and if hard work pays dividends on the land then he should be doing well. Jock is a keen member, recently transferring to the Life Member ranks.

We hear that Stew Blow is doing fairly well on the South Coast where he runs a dairy farm. A nice little gesture came from Stewart's mother who sent along a donation to the funds in appreciation of the enjoyment he received from. "Makan". It is gratifying to receive letters like that.

Ray Donald is still around, living at Arncliffe.

John Meillon, one of our solicitors, now at Forbes, is well and is very happy with be country life. This year John hopes to bring a contingent to the annual re-union comprising Alan Hudson, Sid Kirschler and Norm Wilding. They will all be welcome.

Jack O’Malley, who lives in or at a place with the ghastly name of Frogmore has transferred to the life Membership ranks and thrown a few shekels into the general fund as well. Jack is a thirsty man during the summer as his nearest hotel is at Boorowa, 23 miles from Frogmore.

Jack North of West Wyalong has been trailing around the countryside building silos for the cockies.

We were delighted to hear from Des Gee of Moonee ponds, Victoria. Des was in Sydney for a holiday at Christmas time; he drove over in his new A40 and enjoyed himself very much although he found the hot sunlight very trying after the semi darkness of the Melbourne atmosphere. During his holidays Des had the good sense to become engaged to a very charming young lady and we hope to record a wedding from them as soon as they find a house to live in.

The Association sends congratulations to George Gough and wife on the birth of their first baby, a son, Robert. George had been very busy, since the baby arrived, building additions to his home at Cabramatta.


At a recent meeting of the Executive it was decided unanimously that the practice of allowing members to transfer to Life Membership ranks by deducting from the fee of Five Guineas the amount of subs already paid has now ceased. In future any member desiring to become a Life Member must pay the sum of 5.5.0, (the usual amount), to Reg Ellis. This fee will be in addition to Entrance Fees and any subs previously paid. The cancellation of the Anzac Day March meant a loss in subs to us, as many of the boys pay Reg the fees on Anzac Day. Those who are in this category please send along your five shillings and help us to keep the books straight.

The next paragraph will be written by Reg Ellis who wants to tell you about the Ball. For my part I will say that Johnny Parsons exhausted every possibility to try to find a place to hold a Ball at which the price would be small but at which the service would be first class. The result was a blank – and the decision to hold the Ball and charge the price we must, gave many headaches to-the Committee. Over to you Reg.

Thank you, Stan. Well boys, the SIXTH ANNUAL BALL of the Association will be held at the NEW DUNGOWAN on Saturday the 28TH JUNE, 1952 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Your tickets are enclosed.

As the date of the Ball is only four (4) weeks off you are earnestly requested to book immediately by telephoning Johnny Parsons BW4401 (during the day) or myself XB4293 anytime, and let us know the numbers of your parties. You are also asked to co-operate by forwarding ticket money right away so as to save time and congestion at the door on the night of the Ball. Bring as many as you wish, the more the merrier. You know that everyone always has a marvellous night at our Annual Ball. Dress is OPTIONAL and bring your-own LUBRICATION. REMEMBER IT IS YOUR BALL, AND IT IS UP TO YOU TO GIVE IT THE SUPPORT IT DESERVES. Do the right thing, come along and meet your mates and their ladies in a congenial atmosphere, and have a gala night. You too, will FEEL again that-old Battalion Spirit among the boys that you FELT in the days when you so proudly wore the Purple and Gold. Send all ticket money to Johnny Parsons, Penshurst.

And here's what happened (financially) at the Annual General Meeting held 18/4/1952.





Collection (by-Andy Noble)




Collection (by Porky Moore)



2 0.0.









Joe Geoghegan kindly donated the lovely prize and Porky Moore sold the tickets. And did he sell them. If you have any subs to send, forward them to me at St. Leonard's. Stan joins me in saying, "See you at the Ball".





At the date of printing this Makan we have not yet received copies from the distributing body. If they: arrive in time we will include them with this Makan, if not, they should be in next month’s Makan.

3/- A DAY

As you all know, no payments have been received as yet, but some of you may have received a letter from the 8th Div. Council asking for an advance contribution of 5 from the monies we all hope to receive. This Association is a member of the 8th Div. Council, but on this point we disagree with the Council, and your Executive strongly advise you to withhold from contributing to this Fund. Full details will be published in next month's Makan.

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