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Makan – No. 65
1st April,1952

Official Organ of the 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn


Dear Dig,

We were delighted to hear from Una Clune, the spouse of your old friend Paddles Clune,  the boy with the FEET. Paddles will not mind us telling you or rather reminding you that he was never issued with a pair of boots during our incarceration as his feet were too big. We reported once before that Paddles and his wife were dairying at Oxley Island after a previous farm at Taree. During the year 1951 they made up a little ground financially, and Paddles has advanced to the stage of milking machines and up to date improvements. The dry weather towards the end of the summer was a problem but apparently was worse in other districts. Anyway, Paddles and his team mate, his wife, are on the up and up and as far as we are concerned we hope that all the breaks keep coming to them.

Joe Roxburgh is prompt with his subs but tardy with any news. We hope: that he and his wife are well, next time you write send along some news, Joe.

Doug McLaggan is well and by hearsay, is carving himself a fair share of the supply of good things available.

That old mate of yours Harry Maurice is on the telephone now at UY8086.

A very enjoyable letter from Ian Pryce came along recently. Ian is now at Armidale where he is belting the daylights out of the kids in his classes, and like a sadist is enjoying it. Ian recently had a holiday at South West Rocks and whilst there met Ainsworth from Kempsey.

The Association extends its heartiest congratulations to Bob Jack and his bride on their recent marriage. It was a beautiful wedding and was made all the happier as the newly marrieds have the use of a flat for several months by which time they will be able to enter their own flat which is now being built. Bob has been lucky since we arrived home but this looks like being his luckiest break yet. We have hopes of recording many little news items from the Jacks within the next few years.

Vernon Baynes and wife are also in order for congratulations, in this case on the birth of son, Christopher Lance. Both mother and baby were well, whilst father was positively beaming.

Harry Head is now at the Sea Insurance Co, at Pitt and Bond St., where  we believe he is a Big Shot. Harry and family are well and are fairly prosperous we think.

Our mutual friend, Porky Moore is in trouble and this time it is not a matter of doovers. Porky and his wife are, or were a few weeks ago, living in one room with the use of kitchen. Any person who has lived under such conditions and there are many such in our unit who have had such experiences, will feel for old Porky. If you knew of anyone with a fair average accommodation going begging, Porky is your man. We will guarantee Porky’s character to anyone.

Dick Tompson of Balgowlah was on holidays during the last reunion but will make the next one. Dick keeps fair health.

A very interesting letter came along from one of our more remote members, one Garry Rickwood. Garry is in good health and spends his time like all married men playing with his little son and meekly taking orders from his charming wife. However, he is making more than the basic wage and manages to run a yacht and a car but at the same time he has not forgotten us and sent along a 5 cheque to cover his Life membership, and a few bob to the General Fund. Some extract from his letter read....."Things are getting a bit tough for business up here, but I am well established now”....”I lead a fairly quiet life. I have a nice dragon class yacht in which I do a lot of racing. The last big regatta I won the all comers handicap with over 60 starters from scratch.....You would not know Singapore now there are two new 18 storey buildings under construction and there have been thousands of new buildings put over the Island....All the area from Holland Road to the Gap is built over by the Army. I would say there are fifty times as many army buildings here now as there were before the war....My small son is now five and is very ambitious to grow up, he can swim and dive like a fish.....


We draw your attention again to the Anzac Day March, in which we will again participate. The assembly point will remain unchanged near the Conservatorium of Music and the time of assembly is as near as possible to 9 o'clock because although we do not start to march until nearer eleven o'clock it is difficult to reach the assembly point once the march has commenced. It is hoped that this year the march 'will be made in the usual style of our own unit, that is, as a march of remembrance. For the sake of uniformity you are requested, we repeat, requested, to wear your association badge. By doing so you will help to maintain a uniform appearance which is impossible where medals, ribbons and Returned from Active Service Badges are each worn. It is also suggested that you follow your usual practice of sizing the ranks a little by placing the taller men on the flanks and the shorter men in the centre. This year the banner will be carried by Len, Gobble Gobble, Dawson with Bob Jack as substitute if Len is not well enough to attend. The choice of standard bearer is made by the Executive and is made with great care. It will be like old times to see Len striding out with that very precise step of his and it is a pity really that we will not see him marshall us all on to the parade. Len was one of  the fiercest of creatures who rarely unbent in the army but he is one who must have a special place in the memories of our unit.

We were unable to report the Eighth Division Reunion last month as it was not held until the 22nd February, due to the postponement of the original after the death of His Majesty, King George VI. The reunion was held in the basement of the Sydney Town Hall, and was quite a success. The basement was comfortably crowded and it is quite a treat to be able to see many of one’s friends from other units. The beer was plentiful and cold, being sold by the bottle for convenience. The guest of honour was Doctor Dunlop who is quite well known by ourselves probably because of the fact that Dr. Dunlop had nothing to do with F Force. The Doctor was given a great ovation by the crowd and he brought the house down when he told those present that he had been trying to get Black Jack to go to Melbourne for a similar function for the past three years. Also present as an official guest was Mr. Austin, the president of the Air Force Association, and Mr. Graham, M.P. Mr. Graham has been a great help to the Council during the protracted 3/- a day proceedings.

During the night the president of the Eighth Division Council, announced the news of the payment of the first part of our reparations claim and there is no need for us to enlarge upon this. The payment of course is long overdue, and the sum of 32 per person is rather laughable but still it sets a precedent for the balance of our claim, which we consider to be our moral right. We sincerely hope that the next instalment will not take as long to eventuate.


Norm Allen, of A. Coy is still in the chest ward and a few weeks ago, Joe Pearson, of A. Coy, was admitted again and we regret to say that he is not well at all. Joe of course is under a great handicap as far as his chest is concerned because as you all know, he is one of these persons who find it impossible to rest or take things easy. We hope that both he and Norm Allen will make a quick recovery. Don Garner of B. Coy is now at Yaralla and will be there for some weeks yet. He is not too well but still has that wide grin for all. If you feel like a natter to any of these chaps, pop out and see them.


Don't forget the annual get together will be held this year at Arncliffe Drill Hall on Friday 18th April at 7.00 p.m. It will be a night to remember and as you all know the annual meeting is really one of our best reunions of the year. Ring Jimmy Cooper at BL2177 on the 18th if you have a car with a spare seat or if you desire to avail yourself of any spare seats. There will be the usual kegs and soft drinks and we expect and hope for a big crowd. One thing is certain, if you come along you Will have a first class night.

Eric Arps and wife recently spent a holiday at Ballina. Whilst there they were entertained by Shorty Williams, ex A. Coy., a lad who has not been sighted in these parts for years. Shorty is a farmer and arrived at the hotel in his new car, like any other farmer He is the last of three brothers, the other two being killed in the recent war, as a result he sticks close to the home farm and his old folks. Shorty had many friends in A. Company who will be glad to hear of his whereabouts. He is not a member of the association unfortunately so we may not hear of him again for some time. His address is Keith Williams, Lismore.

Eric also met another very notable character from A. Coy., one Laddie Newlands, or we should say the one and only Laddie Newlands. Every person in 8 Platoon, will remember Laddie very well and it would be a real treat to see him at one of our reunions. Laddie is not a member of the Association but can be found by sending a letter to Fred Newlands, Ballina. Apparently everybody in Ballina knows him also.

Ack Ack Martin sends his subs along but forgets to send some news. He lives at Huskisson and we hope that he is in good health.

Bruce Ford is in the same category but we recently told you that he is now at Tamworth where he holds down a good job with the Bank of N.S.W.



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