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Makan - No: 64
1st March, 1952

Official Organ of the 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn




Dear Dig,

Latest new member to be welcomed to our ranks is Stan Desmet who was once a member of our Band Platoon. You remember him, he was quite a big fellow and has not changed very much since then. Stan is married and works with the Railway Dept., at Junee. His address is Junee.

A very nice little letter came along from Fred Arnett of Mooball, North Coast line, enclosing a cheque to cover the cost of Life Membership together with a donation of 2 towards Association Funds. Fred is now beginning to get into the bigger type of business. He has formed a small company and recently purchased another truck, a five ton Bedford. Any of our lads who are passing that way are always sure of a welcome at Mooball.

We regret to record that Phil Schofield has passed out of Sydney circulation although he is to be congratulated on a new appointment and promotion to the Australia and New Zealand Bank, Elizabeth St., Melbourne, where he is now Manager. The A.N.Z. Bank, of course, is the new Bank which was formed by the amalgamation of two trading Banks thereby reducing the number of trading banks by one, a step which brings to mind the old quip "there are more ways of killing a goose than by choking the bludger with Norco butter!!” The local Legacy and Apex Clubs will have real cause to regret the transfer of Phil as he is a tireless worker for these and other causes. However, our loss is Melbourne's gain, so good luck Phil in your new venture. Phil's departure was a very hurried one and he had difficulty in saying goodbye to all of his friends. He has asked us to apologise to those of his friends to whom he was unable to pay a last visit.

We record rather tardily, but none the less with sincere sorrow, the death of Ted Simpson of C. Coy., a resident of Lithgow district until his death by accident in November. Ted was speaking to Reg. Ellis a few weeks prior to his death and at the time he was in good health and doing well. The Association sends it's deep regrets to the next of kin of Ted Simpson.

Harry Brown, ex A. Coy., and now of Wentworthville, is our newest Lifer. Harry is a farmer who has made a lot of money since we returned by virtue of very hard work coupled with a shrewd business acumen. He keeps good health and has not altered a great deal since you knew-him.

Bob Dickson of New Lambton, is still in bad health. He is as often as not confined to the cot with bad legs and he does not seem to be improving very much, if at all. However, he is as cheerful as ever and will probably make the next reunion. Bob is one of our latest Lifers.

Cyril Pluis has left the farm and has a very good position with the Farmers and Graziers, Parkes. His job takes him around the district and he often bumps into his old mates Jack Ellis and Ernie Willis and frequently sees John Meillon from Forbes. Cyril writes that Alan Hudson, of whom we rarely hear, is holding down a similar job with the same firm at Tottenham.

It is a remarkable thing that even though we may not hear from members for years, as soon as a new arrival enters the family the urge to put pen to paper is too great to stop. Blair Taylor and wife June, two people whom we thought had departed this world, find it no effort to write a full page, about their little daughter, Jennifer, who arrived late in September last year. Jennifer is something of a wonder, having doubled her birth weight at 3 months and is almost as tough as King Richard 111, who was reputed to have gnawed a bone at two hours old. Blair is doing well for himself, having recently completed his accountancy examinations. He is working in that Citadel of Hate, the Dept. of Taxation, where we believe he is working in the Research Dept. In the Research Dept. all the officers spend the whole day just sitting down thinking out new ways to tax the people. Blair is at present working out methods by which a tax can be levied on the consumption of fresh air by the citizens. It will be payable on a sliding scale based on chest measurements.

We have a rather unusual request for you to chew over. One of our members, who shall be nameless, owns a three bedroom home, of which he is the only occupant. He is unmarried and has the twin disabilities of failing eyesight and hearing. He is willing to provide a home for a  widow with one or two children as an idea of mutual benefit. The widow would act as housekeeper and cook and, in turn, would have the benefit of a home of which she would have complete use. If you know of a widow who may he interested you can obtain further particulars by ringing our Welfare Officer, Sammy Hall, at XY. 4046.

We would like to express our appreciation to Joan and Curley Heckendorf for their gesture in sending along a cheque to be expended at our discretion, in welfare work. The money will go to the right place, Heck, thanks very much old boy.

One of our Lifers, Jack Maclay is a foreman at Timbrol Ltd. at Rhodes. Jack looks fit enough to us and is happy about his new home at Ermington. Jack has two little kiddies and that might be why he forgot to let us know his new address.

Jack Brooks, ex A. Coy., is still with the Railways Dept. at Goulburn, where he has settled down. Jack is enjoying reasonable health now after a bad start.

Jim Walshe of Waverley, is a bad letter writer but lack of news is usually good news so we hope that he is well.

Ross Hutton, ex A. Coy comes under the same category as Jim Walshe's. Ross lives at Annandale, and when we last saw him, he was in fairly good health. Clarrie Lattimer of Kyogle sends along his usual letter; the full text being "Good luck, Reg." Well, good luck to you, Clarrie and thanks for remembering your annual sub.

Hughie Frazer, ex A. Coy., is well and is managing to cope with the H.C.L. Hughie is at Gladesville.

Ron Chipps is a lad who deserves a fair share of the plums to be had. When he returned to Australia he was a Bachelor of Arts and since then has graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering and has gained his Diploma in Town Planning. The fact was made all the more creditable when one considers that he supported a wife and child on the rehabilitation allowance.


The Annual Meeting and Get-Together will be held early this year at the Arncliffe Drill Hall on 18th April. The words "general meeting" always seem to be a bar to a big attendance, but as all those who attend regularly know, the Annual Meeting is really one of our most enjoyable functions. There will be the usual short meeting, at which you are invited to speak up like a man and say what is on your mind about the Association. Whether it is constructive or destructive, you will, he attentively heard with no hard feelings. After the meeting the refreshments will be there for you to enjoy and the cost will probably be a modest four bob per head. If you want a really good night don't miss this one. We would like those with a spare seat in a car to contact Jimmy Cooper within a couple of weeks and we will try to arrange a little transport.


House, half house or flat, preferably in Brighton-le-Sands district. Kindly contact Porky Moore, Brighton-le-Sands.

Please send all cheques and postal notes to Reg. Ellis, St. Leonard’s.



P.S. Our 3/- per day claim has been partly recognised. The payment of approximately 32 to each P.O.W. Japan is a triumph for those people, and your own Unit has played no mean part, who have so consistently and unselfishly given their time to the effort. It is the culmination of a giant effort under the spearhead of Dr. Fisher.


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