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Makan – No. 56
1st July, 1951.

Official Organ of the 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn

Patron: Brig. F.G. Galleghan, D.S.O., O.B.E., E.D.
President: J.H. Cooper, Esq.,
Hon. Secretary: S.F. Arneil, Esq.
Hon. Treasurer: R.E. Ellis, Esq.

Dear Dig

The Annual General Meeting has been delayed this year for one reason and another, but it will how be held at Air Force House, in, Goulburn Street, on the 27th July. That is the 27th of this month. The night will be a Friday and we hope that we have a large roll up. General Meetings in themselves are dry old things, but ours is, more than just a meeting, it is a gathering which is quite pleasant. Refreshments will be available in limited quantities after the meeting, which will not take very very long. You will receive further details in the Annual Report which will be posted to you shortly. A modest charge of 2/­per head will be made at the Annual Meeting to cover the cost of refreshments only.

All members of the Association will be happy to hear of the birth of a son to Johnny Parsons and, his wife recently. Johnny ranks high in the estimation of our unit and we share their happiness in such a great event. The little son will be called Lyndon John after Lin Booth, of A. Coy, who was best man at the Parsons’ wedding.

A long range piece of advice that the Annual Reunion will be held this year at Air Force House on 23rd November. Keep that date free for this big night. We will explain in a later Makan our reasons for transferring to Air Force House.

There is a steady flow of bookings for the Fifth Annual 2/30th Ball to be held at the New Dungowan on Friday night, 17th August, and everything augurs well for another of our grand nights. It is the only occasion of the year when ex-wearers of the Purple and Gold can introduce, to each other, their wives, mothers and sweethearts - just another reason why that friendly atmosphere is always evident at all our functions. Send your money and bookings to Johnny Parsons, 44 Laycock Road, Penshurst.

The Association would like to draw your attention to a little matter which has been discussed at Committee Meetings for some time. It is the rapid growth of P.O.W. Associations in various districts of N.S.W. We are bound by our Constitution to encourage all members to join the R.S.L. besides joining our own Association. Of course it is entirely a matter for each individual, but it is plain to see that the growth of numbers of independent Associations which accept ex-servicemen of all units must react against the strength which one or perhaps two big associations or leagues could muster. Anyway, we were first and foremost members of a fighting unit, and a good one too, and the fact that we were sacrificed as P.O.W. was one of the mis­fortunes of war which came our way. We have recently had the case of ex-members of our own unit asking for support

For P.O.W. Associations when the said ex-members were not even members of our own Association. So again we repeat our official policy as follows:­

1. Every ex-member of our unit to be-encouraged to join our own Unit Association.

2. Every ex-member of our unit to be encouraged to join the R.S.L.

3. The Association does not agree with the formation of purely P.O.W. Associations'.

Freddie Butt and Jack McGee were recently' sighted up at the Repat. Dept. Fred is receiving attention from the eye specialist, whilst Jack is having trouble with the Hookies. I wonder where he picked up Hookworm? I believe that it is one of those horrible diseases that the natives of the East ­pick up walking. around in bare feet. Freddie has sported himself a brand new Riley car and Jack, who lives with his mother and sister at Springdale, out Temora way has a small poultry farm.

Terry O’Rourke and his wife are others who must be congratulated on their latest blessing, a dear little daughter. They are both very thrilled about the new arrival. Terry is working at Griffith now but comes home during the weekend as he is still unable to find accommodation near his job.

Les Perry is working at a Forestry Nursery somewhere. Terry O'Rourke gave us the name of the town where the nursery is situated but we cannot read his script.

Don Garner (Sergeant) is reputed to hold the licence of a pub somewhere near Harden. That is one hotel at which we would like to stop for a few days.

Ray Godbolt spent a few weeks in hospital recently and then went to Taree and Gloucester for a little while. Whilst in that district he met Tom Dare, who is now a full blown carpenter and Harry Griffis who is a postman at Taree. He also bumped into Max Ross, Bill Middleton, Tom Hogan and Jack Fell. Jack has a farm out that way.

Stuart Plowes moved into a new house at 2 Rossiter Street, Smithfield, this year. Stuart has few worries, although, like many others, he has had a few trips to Yaralla for hookworm treatment.

Des Gee is disgustingly fit these days and tells us that he has not been near a doctor since he returned home. Melbourne is still as cold as ever and he is continually shivering down there, but there must be something attractive in the place as Des makes no effort to transfer to warmer regions. Living so far from Sydney, the effort of posting a 5/- postal note each year was too much for Des, he is now one of our growing number of Life Members.

Hank Massey and his wife, Thelma , are now at Lower Plains, Dirranbandi, Queensland. We have no idea just where the place is, but according to Thelma...."This is an ideal place, in ideal surroundings. We are right on the banks of the river, where there is an abundance of fish. No need to catch them either, we have traps into which they have the goodness to swim. We just carry on from there and allow the small ones to go free. The smaller fish here, would be very acceptable in Sydney"....There is more in that strain and it makes good reading to see that some people are happy in their work and in their surroundings.

Bertie Farr is well, but is studying hard at Account­ancy and it keeps his nose to the grindstone.

The Association sends its very heartiest wishes and congratulations to Jack Black and his wife on the birth of their baby son, Peter, on the 29th April. Jack's new address is 15 Augusta Road, Fairlight, N.S.W.

Ashley Pascoe and his wife recently had a "Bonds Tour" holiday to Adelaide and enjoyed it very much. They were lucky to have fine weather and they cannot speak too highly of the service they received from the driver of the bus. In these days of difficulties with hotel accommodation, there is a lot to be said for the type of holiday where your worries finish after payment of your money to the tourist agency.

Tommy Coombes of Padstow is still as cheerful as ever and is apparently carving quite a nice little crust from the bread and butter which is going around. Tom has had a few lucky breaks since we returned and among his blessings is his good health.

Bill Middleton writes that his wife was so entran­ced with our little Association badge that he wouldn't be surprised if she made him wear it on his pyjamas. Bill gets around in the Taree district. He writes that Fred Abbotts of Nabiac may be shifting to Taree shortly. Fred has indifferent health of late.

We have had a Makan returned from the previous address of Lou Brown. Would anyone knowing his whereabouts please write or ring Reg Ellis.

DOUBLE URGENT - The success of the General Meeting this year will depend (shame on us for admitting it) upon the attraction of a glass of beer. We have always had a little to drink after such meetings but this time there is a difference. The keg will need to be brought from Arncliffe on the Friday and returned on the Saturday. To do this we require a utility truck from one of the members. Is there any member who would be willing to pick the keg up from Arncliffe and return it the next day. If so, would you please ring Reg Ellis as soon as possible.

Please address all cheques, money orders, or postal notes to Reg. Ellis, 13 Albany Street, St. Leonard’s.

Don't forget to come along to the Annual Meeting,


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