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Makan No. 52
1st March, 1951

Official Organ of the 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn

Patron: Brig. F.G. Galleghan, D.S.O., O.B.E., E.D.
President: J.H. Cooper, Esq.,
Hon. Secretary: S.F. Arneil, Esq.
Hon. Treasurer: R.E. Ellis, Esq.

Dear Dig,

Vic Gordon, the one and only of his kind was recently in Sydney for a short period and it was my pleasure to meet him again an to be introduced to his wife. Vic is a tonic, he has not changed one whit and to see him and hear his roaring voice takes one right back to some of the more humorous incidents of the old days. He sells insurance for a living and is doing well, well enough to buy a new home at Brisbane and to look very prosperous. Vic is always at home and glad to see any of the unit. He should come down here more often and we hope the next time we receive a few weeks notice so that we can noise his arrival abroad.

Ron McBurney is a fully fledged member of the local Bobbies and has never looked fitter. He is married to a really charming lass who has her time cut out trying to cook for that great hulk of a fellow! Ron and his wife are having the usual housing trouble and it takes the gilt from the gingerbread a little.

Bob Jack may now be claimed as one of our more prosperous members. He has a radio and electrical goods store at Brookvale and carts the cash up to the local bank in a wheelbarrow. He runs a great Humber car, so big that it has to back around corners and can only manage the wider streets. Bob is fit and well, he has developed into a shrewd business man after taking a gamble with a couple of small shops at Brookvale, just after the war.

Col O'Donnell writes from Brisbane in the same strain as Vic Gordon, Harry F. Riches and Col Tuckfield, all of that city. Col would esteem it a great pleasure if any of our lads visiting Brisbane dropped in to see him. He has recently entertained Phil Schofield and wife, Ron Maston and wife, Bob Howells and others. Col’s telephone numbers are B9947 during the day and U2704 after 6 p.m. I am not too sure whether the latter number is the local pub or his home. Any of the unit who enter Greenslopes Hospital could ring Col and he would be glad to go over there.

Ken Parry is now permanently domiciled at Brisbane with his wife and little son. If Ken marches in the Anzac Day march up there this year, we suppose that he will break the banner as he did in Sydney before was were able to take it from him. Talk about awkward people...!

January 15th this year saw a very good roll up of the boys to help lay the wreath of remembrance on the Cen­otaph. It was a very simple ceremony, just a step forward and a line up of old comrades, the laying of the wreath and an unobtrusive retirement. It is a good thing to remember at least once a year our friends who did not return to Australia and those who have dropped out of the ranks since we returned.

We send our very heartiest congratulations to big Alf Jones on his recent wedding at Mullumbimby. He was a hard nut to crack but the bigger they are the harder they fall, and when Alf fell for his wife, the shock broke the seismograph at Riverview observatory. Alf and his new wife are living at Mullumbimby, and have their own house.

Friends of Watty Gates will be sorry to hear that he is far from well. Watty has recently had another spell at Yaralla and we hope that good health will come his way again. We receive news of Watty from his niece who lives at Newcastle.

Frank Webb of Yenda is still as bright as ever. He may be coming to Sydney shortly for the hookworm treatment at Yaralla.

Monty Montgomery is now living in a new home at Kingsgrove. He is as well as can be expected for a cove with little or no eyesight and hopes to provide a few green stews from the garden shortly.

3/- PER DAY.

The Idea of March will make or break us this time. The political claptrap which has surrounded the claim should then be finalised. We can expect either a statesmanlike ascent to a non political level or another round of hypocrisy. We have many letters before us from various members who have received replies from their Local Members. The question will be decided an the motion of Leslie Haylen and it will be a grim thing for us if the ex-P.O.W. members decide to vote on party lines. The R.S.L. is sympathetic and we have a copy of a Parkes paper which states that the local sub-branch is making an effort in the matter. The newspaper columns in the country papers began with a jolt from Arnold Ainsworth in the Northern Districts. The debate will be held fairly early in the session so keep your eyes on the daily news sheets.

George Gough is now living at Cabramatta, in his own home. The home was built through the Repat. Dept. and George speaks very highly of the help and assistance he received. George works at Liverpool and is not seen in the city very often.

Clem Jobson is still fishing for lobsters and prawns at Crowdy Heads and is making a well buttered crust. He is caught in the rising price trouble as the rise in the price of fishing gear is not compensated by better prices for fish. It is the old story apparently of most of the profit going to the distributors and the left over to the producers.

Clem remembers his subs. and included a donation to the 3/- Fund.


We will tell you about the show in our next issue. It is hoped that it will be an excellent turnout and, of course, when you read this Makan, many of you will have been to the reunion at the Town Hall.

No more this month. Please post all cheques, money orders and postal notes to Reg Ellis.

Keep smiling.


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