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Makan - No. 15

Official Organ of 2/30 Bn. A.I.F. Assn.
Box 56,

Dear Dig,

Babies are still arriving, in batches, and congrat­ulations are in order this month to Wal Barnes, twin daughters - Joe Geoghegan and Bob Neillings, daughters - Tommy Gardner, a son - and Harold French, Charlie Brouff and Tommy Nixon each have a baby, sex not yet determined or else are keeping it a dark secret.

Lennie Ryan, Monty Montgomery and Don MacIver have had spells in hospital recently, also Stan Lugton.

Harry Webber is out of Yaralla at last after all this time - he has had a very unlucky spin but is as cheerful as a bird, as always.

Ron Harris is buying a dairy farm up Kyogle way.

Don Garner (Sgt) is managing one of S.R. Buttle's stores at Narrandera,

Jimmie Cox (Don Coy.) is working with the main Roads Board at Wagga.

Rose Madden has moved from Orange to Armidale and is working in a nursery up there. He has been married for some time but does not require a nursery of his own yet. It cost Rose £80 to move his furniture by road to Armidale. He told me he felt so poor after paying out such money for no visible return that he felt like walking up there himself to pay the train fare,

Edgy Wightman (H.Q. Coy.) is one of our newest members - he works for Dalgety & Co, at the Rock, R.S.W.

Harry West (H.Q.) has been sighted by Lou Brown at Lochhart doing a painting contract for one of the Banks.

The dance held just before Xmas was just as expected and was quite successful in everything but the finance - we dropped a few pounds on the deal, There were 115 there and each troop had a nice little wife or girl friend to make sure that, he would be able to, find the way home, The music and floor were excellent and the grog was plentiful. Des Kearney and Ward Booth brought the house down with a couple of their numbers, Their little novelty songs with the Black Prince's mouth opening and closing like a slit in a watermelon and Ward fluffy duffying on the piano are too good to be only trotted out now and again.

Bob Dickson (Carriers) has had a lot of ill health since returning home.

Doc Wilson (A Coy) has negotiated at some length and is to start a course of compositing at the Tech. College this year. Doc is to be married shortly to a very sweet little girl, if they are able to find a place in which to live.

Bill Jones (B Coy) is working for the A.B.C. in the northern part of the State.

Jackie Conn (Sign.) is doing well as a share farmer - dairy and wheat. He was set back by the drought last year, but hopes to strip eleven bags to the acre this season.

Bert Welch also has a dairy farm in the North Arm district, Queensland. The 1946 drought almost ruined him but he now owns the farm and good rains are bringing in good returns to him.

Bob Neillings has a cream run at Ballina.

Alf Carrol (D Coy.) is suffering from bad eyes. He is working on a dairy farm at Kyogle - once a fortnight Alf has dinner with Artie Power in the local pub - Artie also has very bad eyes.

Clarrie Lattimer is bookkeeping in an Auctioneer's office at Kyogle. He is also Treasurer of the local R.S.L.

Frank Ryan (A Coy.) is to be congratulated on his recent wedding. His wife came from Coogee and went to London to be married. The old Frank used to ring her at Coogee, from London, and bill and coo at the rate of £1 per minute - no trouble at all to the big shots.

Frank writes that, in the summer, just finished in England they had 54 consecutive days without rain and the temperatures reached as high as 92 in the shade. He does not wish to return to Australia yet and all his Australian cobbers in London agree with him.

Most of the little pieces in his letter are very enlightening and some of them rather strange. The British are doing their best to abolish all parasites and "won't works" - pubs close at 10.30 p.m. - no pleasure motoring - most goods labelled "export only" - big shot Russians riding to the Conferences in the latest model Cadillac cars from their rooms in the best hotels. I haven't the room to give you all his news, but his address is C/- Gordon and Gotch, 75-79 Farringdon Street, London.

Congratulations to Ernie Ross on his recent wadding. Cyril Pluis was best man and his old mate Les Southwell came up for the wedding. Ernie is still wheat farming at Bogan Gate.

Now a word about subs. For those who are not life members, your 5/- subs for 1948 are due now. If you wish, you can send more than one year's subs.

We have had a lot of enquiries from chaps who wish to switch over to life membership. The fees are £5.5.0 in addition to the entrance fee. The yearly subs, you may have already paid are deducted from the £5.5.0. So, if you joined in 1946 and have paid 46, 47, and 48 subs. and you now wish to become a life member, you may do so on payment of £5.5.0 less 15/-, that is, £4.10.0. If you wish to do so, drop me a line about this matter and we will let you know how you stand.

The Old Man, as you know, is now in Germany and and soon as we receive a letter from him we will give you the oil.

This is the first Makan since Xmas time and I would personally like to thank all those who sent me cards and Xmas greetings. The cards came from all over Australia and were much appreciated.

Please note that our Treasurer, Reg. Ellis has changed his address. The new address is 21 Military Road, Neutral Bay.

We must have these addresses :­

CECIL DEWS (not in Japan now)

A simple ceremony was performed at the Cenotaph on the 15th January, when a wreath was placed in honour and memory of our fallen mates and those who perished in P.O.W. hells. Only a small number (due, no doubt, to the heavy rain) was in attendance.

While you are reading this I will be stretched out like a great lizard on the beach at Wollongong enjoying my holidays, so do not be surprised if your letters are not answered promptly.



President: J.H. Cooper, 105 Pitt Street, SYDNEY.
Hon. Treasurer: R.E. Ellis, 21 Military Road, NEUTRAL BAY.
Hon Secretary: S.F. Arneil, Box 56, P.O., BROADWAY.

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