NX27854 - HUNTLEY, Neilson Leonard Stenhouse, Cpl.



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NX27854 - HUNTLEY, Neilson Leonard Stenhouse, Cpl.

Military Medal (MM)

"After Cpl. Huntley's Company ("B" Company in the ambush at Gemencheh Bridge) had commenced to withdraw from its forward position at GEMAS this junior NCO was in command of the rear platoon.

A large enemy party followed this Company and Cpl. Huntley organised his platoon into a rearguard. In this minor operation he displayed exceptional courage and leadership.

His Company Command reporting the incident states :‑

"This man organised his platoon as the rearguard and by his coolness and courage was mainly responsible for the successful extraction of the Company from the enemy who were in very close contact and heavily outnumbering our party. Although in a position of great danger he held his men together (his platoon consisting of two sections) and successfully completed the task after losing 6 men killed and 4 wounded."

After completing his self imposed rearguard duties, Cpl. Huntley successfully withdrew the remainder of his men to the Bn base area. Throughout, this NCO showed great bravery and courage, which I am of opinion merits the award of the Military Medal, and I so recommend."

(Source: 2/30 Bn. Archives - originally transcribed from the Diary of Brigadier D.S. Maxwell by The Army Museum Sydney Foundation in 1998.)


The recommendation to award the Military Medal was never recognised. Cpl. Huntley was awarded a Mentioned in Despatches, which was published in the London Gazette on 1 August 1946.



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