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Departed Singapore - April, 1943

1) British Ambulance unit

"JACK GREENBERG made his acquaintance with the 2/30 Bn boys up at Shimo Sonkurai Camp on the Burma-Thai Railway in 1943. He and eight others from a British Ambulance unit marched into our Camp at the time we were fighting the cholera epidemic. They were quickly grabbed by Bruce Hunt, who was desperately in need of medical personnel, whilst JACK and his mates were relieved to reach a "destination", after being on the road for 3 weeks. They quickly set to work in the dangerous and arduous work of nursing our cholera patients, and when back in Changi, I was asked to nominate names for special awards, I remembered JACK, who, by the way was the only man of the nine to get back to England."

Noel Johnston - Makan No. 264, Jan/March, 1982


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