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Australian Units

2nd/30th Training Group

The 2nd/30th Training Group was formally established on 11 October 2007. In a simple ceremony at the Kelamah River Memorial, in Gemencheh, Malaysia, an original member of the 2nd/30th Infantry Battalion, AIF, presented the unit with its flag. The 2nd/30th Training Group pledged to honour the brave deeds of the 2nd/30th Infantry Battalion and to keep the memory of their service and captivity alive.

NSW Scottish Regimental Association

The Web Site of the NSW Scottish Regimental Association. An Association of former members of the 30th Inf Bn NSW Scottish Regiment, and former and serving members of Alpha (Scottish) Company, Royal New South Wales Regiment.

2/18th Battalion (AIF) Association

The official home page of the 2/18th Battalion (AIF) Association.

1/19 RNSWR Association (incorporating the 2/19 Battalion AIF Association)

To foster the esprit de corps which has existed in the Battalion since its inception and its early existence as a Citizen Military Forces Special Conditions Unit.


2/20 Battalion, AIF

2/26 Battalion, AIF

This website came to fruition in an attempt to tell the true story the 2/26th Infantry Battalion, (the only Infantry Battalion raised in Queensland; part of the 27th Brigade, 8th Division) played during the Malay Campaign of World War II.

2/29th Battalion

2/29 Battalion, AIF

The 2/29th Battalion was formed in Victoria under the command of Lt Col J.G.Robertson MC, VD on 17th October 1940. The Unit was initially concentrated at Bonegilla

2/2 Pioneer Battalion

2/2 Pioneer Battalion, AIF

History of the 2/2 Pioneer Gun Battalion. It includes Roll of Honour, photos, soldier profiles and stories.


2/3 Machine Gun Battalion, AIF

2/15 Field Regiment, AIF

The story of the 2/15 Field Regiment, AIF. During the Malayan campaign, the gunners of the 2/15th probably established a record. They were in continual contact with the enemy for about 150 miles of rearguard action, always ready to comply with infantry requests and the monumental fire programs ordered by higher command.

4th Anti Tank regiment WW11

4th Anti Tank Regiment

The 4th Anti Tank Regiment was raised in Victoria in late 1940 as part of the 8th Division.


British Battalions

Royal Norfolks - 4th, 5th and 6th Battalions

The three battalions arrived in Singapore at various times during January 1942, and served in various areas on the Malayan peninsular and Singapore Island. From the FEPOW Community web site.

2nd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

A Scottish battalion that served in the Malayan campaign. From the FEPOW Community web site.

2nd Cambridgeshires

British battalion which served in the final period of the Malayan Campaign. From the Britain at War web site.

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