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The Little Group

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by Unknown

Among the front line soldiers
Was a group you would always see,
Doing the job they came to do,
The Unit R.A.P.

No guns or rifles with their gear,
Just a ton of guts and words of cheer.
Non-combatant in all this strife,
With one objective, save a life.

You and I would see a case,
That was not too nice to see.
They copped the lot and saw them all,
The gallant R.A.P.

There are different groups we all must praise,
Sigs, Mortars, L.M.G.s
But one and all, we dip our lids
To the gallant R.A.P.

(Source: Ernie McNiven - Makan No. 242, July/Sept 1978)


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