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A Thought For The Moment

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by H.M.H.

Now that we're together here, together in the clink,
It gives you time to figure things; it gives you time to think
Of all the folks we left behind, who keep the home fires bright,
Who think of us and pray for us by day, yes, and by night.

It isn't very difficult, behind this prison wall,
To let it sap your spirit, so it's up to one and all,
When things seem pretty bloody and everything goes wrong,
To grit your teeth and carry on, although the road seems long.

We've all of us got loved ones, mother, sweetheart, wife,
Waiting there to help us enjoy the freer life,
With tender loving kindness and pr'aps a few shed tears,
They'll help us to forget the Hell that's been these last few years.

So isn't it worth trying, worth the effort made,
To make ourselves more fit for them with laws to be obeyed,
Not only laws of discipline but laws of right and wrong,
Of cleanliness and decency and where they both belong.
And when we do rejoin them, as free men once again,
We can hold our heads up high, because we tried to play the game.

Changi Gaol.
17 May 44

(Source: Col O'Donnell - Makan No. 249, July/August, 1979)


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