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Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Anzac Day March, Sydney

2/30 Battalion form up locations:

Main march:

  • Start time - 9.00am

  • main march begins at corner of Martin Place and Elizabeth St

  • main march proceeds south on Elizabeth St

  • observe the Act of Remembrance adjacent to the ANZAC Memorial in Elizabeth St

  • participants wheel left into Liverpool St for dispersal

  • vehicles and bands wheel right into Liverpool St and use Castlereagh St to return to the start line

Veterans & attendees:

  • Start time - approx 9.45am (following Main March start)*

  • with WWII Australian Army (as per Contingent 16 on RSL map)

  • form up in Phillip Street, between Martin Place and Hunter Street, facing north

  • march route is Phillip Street, left into Hunter Street, and left into Elizabeth Street to join main march

* in the 2017 march, the WW11 contingent moved off just before 10am.


For details about the march, and news updates: RSL web site

2/30 Battalion Social Gathering and Reunion (after the march)

Start time: 11.30am

  • 25/4/2018 - ANZAC Day luncheon:

    • Location: City Tattersalls Club, Cafe2 Function Room, 194-204 Pitt Street, Sydney

    • Time: 11.30am

    • Cost: $20.00

 For further information, please contact:

  • Honorary Treasurer - Victor Hooper - (02) 9623 2673

Dawn Service & Wreath Laying, at Cenotaph, Sydney

Dawn Service:

  • Start time - 4.15am


  • Start time - 8.00am

Sunset Service:

  • Start time - 5.00pm

Anzac Day, at Bathurst



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